Monday, March 27, 2017

President Trump initiating arrests of pedophiles; Congress and media not interested

by Gene Tierney

A protest march to raise awareness about “PizzaGate” took take place in Washington, D.C.'s Lafayette Square on Saturday, March 25, near the White House and Blair House. The purpose was to call for an investigation into long term claims that pedophilia has become not only an established, but a thoroughly accepted practice in high places. Let the walls of the White House reverberate with "PizzaGate is Pedogate…INVESTIGATE!!" exclaims an online poster that links to @TitusFrost(@titusfrost).

In the two short months since President Trump took office, over 1,600 child sex abuse and human trafficking arrests have taken place, many times more than were initiated by the previous administration.  But online trackers of this terrible scandal are not satisfied with the length of time Congress has needed to investigate what looks to be worldwide abuse of the most vulnerable among us; our children!  President Trump has been way out in front on the investigation of this horror and recently called an important meeting in the Oval Office to highlight action planned to stop human trafficking. But for one reason or another, our legislators appear slow to act, even as ordinary felons across America are rounded up and thrown in jail post haste.

Although threads appear regularly on on this subject, the national media seem to be stonewalling. Atlanta's local reporter Ben Swann went dark after his great work on exposing the horror of child sex abuse. Online journalist David Seaman whose videos for weeks now have hit hard at themes involving “Pizzagate” had to flee into the mountains and go dark after experiencing severe reaction such as having his online finances, credit cards and other data intercepted.  One hacker who successfully broke into a hidden sex abuse vault looked out his window to see someone in camo sneaking around his yard. Seaman had told viewers last week to just "book a cheap flight and come to D.C. on March 25." While Seaman told people he was not the organizer of the protest or march, he did make it clear what was going on. "We've waited long enough," said Seaman.

Pizzagate became part of the online cyber mind about four months ago when WikiLeaks revealed hidden code words such as hamburgers, hot dogs and other food items allegedly used to communicate sexual fantasies within pedophile circles. Alex Jones early on took up the cause of exposing the grotesque sexual perversions of Pizzagate pedophiles, saying, "I'm a father" in addition to being an investigative journalist.

Concerned Americans want answers, even if they have to take to the streets.  Countless youtube videos by David Zublick,  George Webb and others present details about the scandal.

Online sources include which has published an explosive interview by former CIA agent Robert David Steele;; and 4chan.  Reddit seems to have initially been tracking this subject but not so much now.  Nancy Schaefer, former GA State Senator from 2004 to 2008, met an untimely death which conspiracy theorists believe involved her extensive efforts to expose what was going on when state resources took control of our children.  Her husband also died.

 David Seaman says we the concerned are sick and tired of this topic being pushed under the rug. "Someone has to do it," wrote Seaman, after trying to get investigators he knows to step up. Seaman urged Americans to "get a cheap flight and come out" to D.C. for the Pizzagate march. He has also been very active in the production of online videos.  Just this week a reporter for is up with a very sad and disgusting report about pedophilia and sex abuse in Italy. 

For more information, go to:

For those who have not heard of PizzaGate, here is a brief roundup of what has been alleged:

On Saturday, Info Wars host Alex Jones apologized profusely to everyone mentioned in his stories about Pizzagate.  Was Jones attempting to avoid a threatened lawsuit, or did he genuinely believe in the innocence of individuals previously linked to the Pizzagate allegations? The decision is yours.



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