Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mayor Rahm Makes Certain that Political Correctness takes Precedence Over Policing in Chicago

Those who don’t read the Chicago Police blog Second City Cop on a daily basis, do yourselves a favor and start. Written from the point of view of damned fine people who do a damned difficult and very often, thankless job, SCC reveals the perpetual corruption of the Rahm Emanuel Administration and the brutal effect the politics of the left has on the Chicago Police Department and the ability of Chicago’s cops to fight crime & defend the public.  

Case in point, the story which Second City Cop covers here. The IPRA is the Independent Police Review Authority. Made up entirely of civilians, the IPRA investigates allegations of police misconduct by the CPD. As in the officer [DS] case, the IPRA also investigates when no allegations of misconduct have been made.

Another Reopened Case

Here's a previously ruled Justified shooting opened for political reasons:
  • [DS], who has been in the 018th District for 18 years, needs our help. He is in a no pay status currently and IPRA is trying to fire him for a shooting that happened just over three years ago which was deemed justified at the time. Here's a brief synopsis:

    [DS] was assigned to the tactical team in 018 and was working with the area detectives on an armed robbery crew that was creating havoc in the district. While on a surveillance of one of the offenders homes in the suburbs, offender pulled into his driveway and exited his vehicle. The decision was made to take the offender down and [DS] and other detectives converged on the scene. Offender saw what was about to happen and jumped back into his vehicle. Offender then proceeded an attempt to drive over [DS] and another detective at which time [DS] fired 3 times striking the offender. The offender succumbed to his wounds. An immediate investigation by the department ruled the shooting justified and IPRA at the time concurred.

    Fast forward to present time and IPRA gets a new Chief Administrator who decides that she is going to re-open numerous shooting investigations due to the Laquan McDonald shooting. [DS] finds out his shooting is to be one of them. In January [DS] gets promoted in the first class of detectives only to find out that he is being taken off the list and being put in call back due to IPRA's re-investigation. IPRA's re-investigation concludes that [DS's] first two shots were justified and the third was not. Superintendent Johnson weighed in and stated that the shooting was justified while IPRA went to a three person review of the Police Board who sided with IPRA. 2 weeks ago [DS] was put in a no pay status and has to go in front of the full Police Board sometime this year.  
    Rahm in a familiar pose

Did you get that? In a rapidly evolving, violent, loud, dynamic situation, some armchair assholes from IPRA dissected a shooting that took maybe 2 seconds to unfold and determined that the first two shots were justified and a third shot was unjustified.

And how pray tell did they determine this? What if the first and third shots were the justified ones? Hindsight is supposed to be 20/20, but a cop doesn't have that sort of luxury in a highly fluid situation with a guy trying to run over multiple officers with a car.

Special Ed (Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, named by Rahm in 2016) seems to have made the determination that it was a justified shooting, as IPRA did three years ago, but was overruled by political actors operating in a political environment looking for a political outcome.  
Rahm in yet another familiar pose

This finding is crap and ought to be treated as crap. The FOP should be loud and outraged about this and the superintendent might want to think about the fact that Officers are going to see this three-year delay as a witch hunt for scalps.

You think the police are fetal now?

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