Monday, March 6, 2017

Jesse Jackson Jr. making more money as a felon than he did as a congressman

By Gene Tierney, Coach’s Team contributor

Taxpayers just learned that those who have worked in the U.S. Congress are at risk of becoming: a. bipolar; b. depressed and c. anguished.  “Three J,” as he is known in Chicago street parlance, AKA former jail inmate and Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. claims to be suffering from all three. As a result, Jackson is collecting a whopping $138,400 from U.S. taxpayers each year; $100,000 in workman’s comp and another $38,400 in Social Security Disability, all because he is a victim of these afflictions. It is Joe Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon who revealed that the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson is collecting this astonishing amount of essentially tax free income.

One of Jackson’s lawyers is said to have blamed "time spent in Congress" as an extenuating circumstance which led to the former congressman’s bipolar problem. Add to this the fact that “3J” was depressed and anguished over having gone through a messy divorce.  But then, aren't all divorces messy, especially when children are involved?

The clearly debilitating cost of luxury vacations and fur coats was also emphasized in the Jackson’s divorce papers. In order to properly take care of their children it was necessary that Jackson and his former Mrs. serve staggered jail sentences for, among other things, using campaign donations for personal gain. A former Chicago Alderwoman, Jesse Jr’s ex-wife Sandi sued him after travel costs for a "social acquaintance" came up in discovery documents, thus pointing to extramarital activities. The fact that his wife found out undoubtedly contributed to Jackson’s anguish.

Not long ago, Chicago Tribune political reporter John Kass wrote that Jackson bought a stuffed Elk's head.  Having covered political corruption in Chicago for many years, Kass has become adept at entertaining his readers with a special type of sarcasm; one which emphasizes just how maddening it is for Windy City residents to be picking up the tab for their jailed congressman’s stuffed Elk's head! It seems Jesse Jr. has spent his life existing on the largesse of the public. After all, the people have supported him while Jesse was in office, in jail and now as a “disabled” veteran of political corruption.  Like the man said, “What a country!”

During sentencing, Judge Amy Berman told the couple, "The inescapable fact is that you and Sandra Jackson used campaign funds to sustain a lifestyle you cannot afford." Sandi Jackson failed to report $580,000 on the couple's tax returns. $580,000!! She was an alderwoman in Chicago City Council.  Only in Chicago, folks, could someone who was elected to Congress have the unmitigated gall to speed through hard earned, taxpayer dollars, get thrown out of office, land in jail for improper use of political donations, then petition a disability court and successfully collect a huge amount of money for health “conditions” that many Americans suffer with for free every day! 

Of course we must remember that 3J's father is the nation’s most highly paid race pimp. Decades of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s marches through Chicago streets led to the successful extortion of $100’s of millions from both federal and corporate entities. And today we are able to see how all of this money is improving the lives of the real beneficiaries of Jesse Sr’s hard work; those being, poor African Americans.  Any day now, Chicago will become a true garden spot.

As for the preacher's son, Jesse Jr. is living mostly tax free thanks to workman’s comp laws and SS disability disbursements.

Years ago, former Governor Rod Blagojevich reportedly said, "What I've got is f***ing Golden," as he commented on his power to fill the senate seat of former U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama who had just been elected President.  The younger Jackson's name was mentioned in the course of the FBI investigation concerning efforts to shop the appointment in exchange for who knows what-political favors and how much dough.  However, 3J was not charged because the court surmised these conversations were merely "political horse trading!"  

But, hey, why shouldn't taxpayers pick up the tab for Jesse Jr’s discomfort?  After all, if they hadn't decided to leave IL farms and move to the greater Chicago district that elected Jesse Jackson, Jr., he never would have become bi-polar, depressed or anguished.  It's all your damned fault, taxpayers!

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