Saturday, March 4, 2017

It’s about the leaks

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Over the last few weeks, the “Deep State” has been conducting war against President Trump and his administration.  Democrats in congress and their stenographers in the mainstream media are celebrating “victories” over political adversaries by means of drawing fake news from anonymous leaks. Facts, it seems, have no place in these contrived assaults on the White House.   

During just over five weeks in office this president has been under near constant attack by the unelected bureaucrats who pose a direct threat to America’s democratic institutions. It literally represents a threat to the peaceful transition of power and directly undermines both freely elected representatives and the Constitution itself. Whether these “Deep State” terrorists are members of law enforcement or hidden in the intelligence community, they represent a menace to the republic. This is not how a constitutional republic is supposed to function.

The left has manufactured a non-existent alliance between Administration officials and Russian agents with all the determination of Puritan accusers at the Salem Witch Trials. The goal is to purge valuable people from the White House and the Trump cabinet without regard to the innocence or guilt of the accused. To the average American this may mean nothing. But the very apparatus now used to besmirch political enemies can be turned against us for doing nothing more “evil” than embracing an unapproved political position over a cell phone. As made clear by Edward Snowden, Big Brother is watching.

Democrats are currently cheering the efforts of “Deep State” terrorists to take out Republicans. But how are they going to feel when they themselves become the targets? Yesterday, President Trump provided a very clever counterpoint to the Democrat/Media assault against A.G. Sessions by presenting a photograph of Chuck Schumer together with Vladimir Putin. “There must be an investigation,” stated Trump.  The left is used to intimidating weaklings in the Republican Party. There are, after all, so many to choose from. Bullying Donald Trump, however, is another matter!

President Trump has accused “former” Obama administration officials of working to embarrass him. The leaks are very likely coming from one-time political appointees who have been quietly transferred to civil service positions. These “Deep State,” agenda-driven zealots are now attacking targets chosen by Democrat leadership, perhaps even by Obama himself as he keeps his hand in the daily assault against the Administration.  It may be described as politics, but it is no less than the Clinton-era politics of personal destruction normally reserved to Banana Republics and large city political machines.

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