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Black leaps to his death while fleeing police, the cop's fault of course

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Dramatic Video Shows Aftermath Of Man’s Failed Jump Between Rooftops While Fleeing Police

Devon Wade Dies After Failed Jump Between Two Buildings, Police Blamed

By Cowgirl   3/2

Bronx, NY – Devon Wade, age 28, fell to his death after making a bad decision to flee from NYPD officers who were trying to serve a warrant.

According to The New York Daily News, the incident occurred on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at about 6:30 AM.  There was an outstanding warrant for Wade on a fraud case from October, 2013, and officers also wanted to talk with him about an obstruction of governmental administration case.

New York Police Officers from the Manhattan North Warrant Squad knocked loudly on his apartment door on Tuesday morning.  Seconds later, NYPD Officers in the courtyard saw him climbing up the apartment building’s fire escape toward the roof.  Before the Officers could even reach the roof, Wade tried to jump 15 feet between his building to another building, missed, and fell six stories.  He was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he died. 
Devon Wade and Janell Reid

Wade’s girlfriend Janell Reid, age 24, was visibly upset and blamed the NYPD.  She said that Wade was scared, and that he told her he didn’t do anything.  Wade’s mother also blamed the NYPD and said that they should have done something, that he shouldn’t have died that way.

Wade’s father said that the NYPD came to his house at 5:45 PM looking for his son before going to the apartment where he lived with his girlfriend.

A neighbor accused NYPD Officers of “hassling” Wade for doing low-level drugs.  He said that no one wants to go to Rikers and that Wade just wanted to get away.

The NYPD’s Force Investigations Division is conducting the investigation.  An NYPD spokesman said that no officers were on the roof when Wade jumped.

Wade has a lengthy criminal history and had been arrested 19 times in the past,  mostly for drugs and similar offenses.

If you choose to run from the police, it’s your decision.  If you choose to try to jump 15 feet between buildings to get from one to the other, then that is your decision.  Not a single New York Police Officer had anything to do with Wade’s death.  They were only going their job to serve a warrant.  If Wade had simply chosen not to run, and to cooperated with police, he would still be alive.  He only has himself to blame.

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Clearly, as a Black “offender,” Wade’s death is the fault of Donald Trump. Had Barack Hussein still occupied the White House—or, I’m guessing, had Hillary won the election—Eric Holder’s policy of refusing to prosecute Blacks would still be in effect. That means the latest, leftist attorney general could have had a chat with the liberal DA in New York, at which point charges might have been dropped; or at the very least reduced to, say, partial failure to cooperate with all those lousy, stinking, wanton,  killers of Black youth. BLM Rules!

In any event, every officer involved in the attempt to serve Devon Wade and who later took part in the chase, must be removed from duty pending an investigation. After all, Wade couldn't possibly be responsible for his actions.  Ed.

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  1. He has himself to blame, it was his choice and no one else.