Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Pope’s Audience Hall Appears to Feature the Serpent rather than the Creator

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Did the New World Order mind set play a sick joke on Catholics and the Pope in particular with the design of Pope Paul VI's audience hall in the Vatican? The depictions in a horrific sculpture of Our Lord and the hall itself seem to resemble a snake's body! This is the hypothesis of English writer David Icke whose interpretation is featured in Outer Dark's video discussing construction details.  According to Icke, "The global conspiracy is ruled by reptilian aliens who rule by blood lines and they control the world's resources. The elites are different from us."  The video's producer cites the Icke theory, but cautions viewers to form their own opinions; make up their own minds.  He says, "I'm an arm chair philosopher and come to my own theory." But he does not feel architects and designers just come up with ideas for construction, saying: "An architect does not design unless there's a reason."

Here's what is going on.  The Pope's audience hall  (video) serves as the 6,300 capacity arena for the Vatican's Wednesday papal audiences.  Events are attended by the devout who come from all over the world.  The reinforced, concrete structure contains a 15 ton bronze sculpture that is 66ft wide, 23ft tall and serves as a backdrop for the Pope as he greets his followers.  Christ is depicted rising from a tomb, "in the Garden of Olives while the earth is shaken by an enormous storm," according to comments explaining what sculptor Pericle Fazzini had in mind as he created the piece.  But as a blogger for the end-times web site states: "Images are important. Imagine sitting in front of that evilly horrific sculpture week after week conducting religious services with a serpent-looking Christ coming out of a man-made, bomb crater."  Fazzini sought to show Jesus Christ arising from an atomic bomb cataclysm.  HIS head is half blown away and pitiful looking humans surround HIM in the contemporary work of art entitled "Resurrection."  Ickes finds odd that such a horrific image would appear within the bunker type structure of the Pope's audience hall.  The deformed figure of Christ's Head is not congruous with the joy of HIS Resurrection from the dead.  "For God is not a God of Confusion but of Peace." 1 Corinthians 14:33. 

Even more disturbing is the interior appearance of the hall itself.  If one is seated far down the rows, near the stage and is preoccupied with the seriousness of the occasion, paying attention to overall symbolism probably would not be pertinent.  But the Outer Dark citizen philosopher suggests that a view from the back of the auditorium brings up snake like images.  He presents a diagram showing slant-eyed windows on either side of a ceiling that could be interpreted as the tails of a snake, drawing one's attention to the stage where the Pope sits between two fang-like support beams.  "Fangs" are repeated as the youtube video
goes on to point out the reptilian suggestion of snake skin on the wall tiles.  At first, the picture from the back of the room seems rather innocuous. But the more one stares at it, the more one becomes aware of the discomforting snake symbolism.  Arm chair philosopher asks, "Why is reptilian symbolism surrounding the Pope? Is the pathway to the Pope a snake's tail?"   

Outside, the unusual, undulating solar roof also suggests negative movement.  All of the electrical needs of the structure are supplied by 2,400 photovoltaic panels.  Germany's Solar World donated the award winning roof, now valued at $1.5 million.  The audience hall sits in two separate countries, the Vatican and Italy.  Pier Luigi Nervi, deceased, was the architect.  So as we approach the most glorious time of the Christian Liturgical calendar, ask yourselves, do you want the symbolism of Our Lord's Resurrection to suggest heavenly affirmation or the darkly visual sculpture of Christ arising from an atomic bomb crater?


  1. this really does exist! I saw a clip earlier in the month and thought it not possible that the place was for real... it is.

    this is a tribute to the serpent of the garden. anyone familiar with the bible can see this for themselves.

  2. To all my brothers and sisters, we may not be in the same religion BUT we know we're ALL going to die when our time has come....and be with GOD not with false priests and leaders who promote Lucifer or other gods. There is ONLY ONE GOD WHO CREATED THE UNIVERSE AND US...IT IS JESUS CHRIST WHO SACRIFICED AND CRUCIFIED ON THE CROSS....AND HE IS ALIVE. Those who believe in HIM will have Forever Peace and I pray that people who would be reading this will USE their eyes to observe and your hearts to see the TRUTH. The vatican has created so many UNGODLY things and watch videos about their sexual abuses scandals video and the TRUE facts WHY pope benedict RESIGNED. What about this Lucifer telescope OWNED by the vatican located in Arizona, does this sound VERY GODLY to you PROMOTING lucifer by these high elected priests in vatican. Read the Book of Revelation and understand WHY God Loving Father is allowing false leaders to be on earth. Simply because God wants to see WHO are His TRUE Children. Now, ask you belong with lucifer or with our Father Almighty in Heaven who sacrificed and died for our Sins?
    Thank you very much and God bless us all.

  3. As my last comment....please idolize GOD alone not any president(s)or leaders simply because they are ALL the public servants that God placed to have their jobs to PROTECT their people. And DON'T idolize celebrities as well who does UNGODLY movies and full of sexual immorality and Foul words....those are NOT something the children and young people have to learn. Do what is Godly and Right because this is the big problem we have with many courts systems nd many judges who are protecting police/sheriff officers, landlords, pedophiles, greedy towing companies and more to mention... and I have the right to say this because my beloved Minor son and I also became Innocent Victims of Injustices and our testimonies will soon be in Youtube, etc. and this is to HELP protect other victims who are weak to speak and stand up for the TRUTH. God bless us ALL and let us pray for more more Peace, Love and Unity that this broken world badly needed.