Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

"Deep state" exists where sophisticated shadow governments allegedly control or influence key aspects of state policy. The term has recently gained attention as the Trump Administration has struggled to gain control of unelected bureaucrats seeking to destroy the policies of elected government officials.  The most notable attacks came from America’s intelligence community.

“Deep state” describes embedded, anonymous, bureaucratic bias against President Trump and Republican rule. They are the unnamed sources leaking documents, making confidential conversations public, pushing rogue social media accounts and otherwise acting in an underhanded manner to discredit the president and undermine his policies. Government employees are using encrypted chat programs to pass on classified information to stenographers in the main stream media.

The democracy-sapping embeds at the heart of our democracy are members of the bipartisan establishment. They believe that the Trump administration poses a mortal threat to their hegemony and so have enlisted an army of Democrats, some Republicans and Never-Trumpers to achieve their ends.

Several Members of America’s intelligence community have fueled partisan hatred and taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner. They managed to eliminate National Security Advisor Michael Flynn by leaking questionable information to the New York Times and the Washington Post in an attempt to manipulate public opinion.

These embedded spies are not elected and are not held accountable to the America people. They are only responsible to each other, no one else.  In a perfect world, America’s intelligence collectors would honor a sacred pledge of allegiance to the Constitution and commander in chief, regardless of personal feelings. If they had problems with the leadership, a known spy would be asked to resign.  Spies are expected to keep their vow of secrecy, keep all secrets secure from anyone who doesn’t have an authorized need to know.  If these pledges of honor were violated, the consequences would demand prison time.

The intelligence community has access to powerful tools designed to be used against America’s enemies. However, if employed against the people they were meant to protect, these weapons would create a fear and a lack of trust by the American people of their Constitutional Government.  During the pre-Revolutionary era, the British Courts secretly issued general warrants to British government agents in the American colonies. The warrants were not based on cause of crime, name of person or places to be searched. They gave the enforcers a free pass to search where they wished and seize whatever they deemed necessary.

The use of general warrants was the leading cause of opposition to British rule by America’s founders, more deeply reviled even than taxes. After the Revolution, their use would be outlawed by the Fourth Amendment to the new Constitution.

However, the Deep State spies have no regard for the law. They want only to defend their little bureaucratic kingdom while destroying the agenda of the hated Republican president.

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