Sunday, February 12, 2017

“Stick it to the Catholics” has always been a favorite media and secular court sport

By Kevin Collins

One of the newest “social warriors” is a 13 year old seventh grade girl who currently attends a private Catholic school in New Jersey only because a judge has ordered the school to rescind its order expelling her.

Of course the media sides with a selfish family that doesn’t care about anything but its own satisfaction; but when do the constitutional rights of a religious institution prevail?  

Here are the facts.

The girl, who is described as an excellent basketball player, was not able to play for her school this year because it was not fielding a girls’ team in her age group.
Sydney Phillips

The girl’s parents, who are vicariously reliving some rebellious phase they should have grown out of years ago, took the school to court to have an activist judge force the girl onto the boys 7th grade team, but surprisingly they were turned away. End of story?  Not in today’s “I get what I want when I want it or I’ll sue” world.

The “aggrieved” family cost the archdiocese involved precious dollars to respond in court and therefore endangered the school’s always very carefully balanced budget for their selfish “me first” attitude; but of course like all social warriors they couldn’t care less about the damage they were causing as long as they get their way.

As a result the school, whose mission is to teach young Catholics about their religion and prepare them for success in later life, did the prudent thing and expelled the girl and her younger sister. Admittedly the younger girl was not in any way involved in this assault on religious freedoms.  Nevertheless a smooth transition of either sister from plaintiff to classmate is simply inconceivable therefore clearly warranting their expulsion.

Not surprisingly, the family has found their activist judge and both girls have been “ordered” back to class setting up an ugly and totally unnecessary blocking of the doorways by school officials.

Why this religious private school should be forced to yield to a secular court is one of the differences of opinion between those of us who respect religious institutions and those who merely want to “stick it to the Catholics.”     

It goes without saying that if the school involved was a Muslim school or a school of any other religion this story would have ended with the announcement that there would be no 7th grade girls team this year. It would never have become the latest social warrior assault on religious freedom because the secular courts would have stayed far away from it.

Nevertheless, the temptation to “stick it to the Catholics” was, as it always is, just too inviting for the secular courts to pass up. “Separation of Church and state” to Catholic haters is always a one way street.          


  1. Any chance we can see the order or the reasoning behind it? It seems to me a private school should be free to end a relationship with difficult families.

    1. I'll be following the story this week. I'm hoping more info will be available on the rulings. If so, I'll post it here. Ed.