Sunday, February 5, 2017

Satan Given a Ticket to the Super Bowl?

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

"I swear to Lucifer," Lady Gaga said on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The question that has to be asked here is: Why are Conservatives putting up with Roger Goodell's offensive half time, Super Bowl entertainment when Hollyweird and the music industry got away with attempting to heap shame on President Donald Trump's inauguration? The Super Bowl arguably is the most watched entertainment event in America. But why is the public, year after year subjected to Satanic symbols, dark entertainment themes and offensive displays of female nudity at outrageous ticket prices?  In a Spy Kitten video, watched by over 4 million viewers, the dark side of Lady Gaga's bizarre songs, symbols and costumes is analyzed in a way that makes us wonder why we put up with such sporting event “entertainment.” 
Lady Gaga

The NFL called a rumor that this year's performer, Lady Gaga, was told not to talk about President Trump while she is on stage, "unsourced nonsense." Yet highly paid athletes routinely bash Conservatism and the Republican Party and nothing is said.  Think of the Kaepernick episode.  Lady Gaga's symbolism certainly falls right in line with past shows by Madonna and BeyoncĂ©. "That image on Bey's ring appears to be Baphomet, a common symbol used by Satanists," says a Beyonce, video analyst. Bey's 2013 Super Bowl show featured her wearing a scanty costume with a goat's head-Baphomet-design.  Just look at the singer’s eyes in this and other videos when she is shape shifted to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce.  Madonna's performance was equally offensive to family values. The vast majority of Christians just want to watch football excellence, not Satanic themed entertainment.  This is not who we are as a country!

The bizarre ceremony for the opening of the world's longest and deepest rail tunnel project-Switzerland's Gotthard Base Tunnel-is the ideal example of how performance art is degrading the achievements of a country and her hard working engineers, designers and blue color workers.  Never have I watched such an outrageous public display by performing artists.  Part II of the Dark Horse youtube video is full of Satan worship, pagan ceremonial dance routines, dystopia.  The PC Swiss audience sits stone faced, perhaps unaware of the disrespect shown them.  Dancers wear an Ibex head-another Baphomet symbol; a pregnant female dressed all in red is "delivered" of her child; females kiss each other in erotic motions.  Male dancers with erect penises roll around on the floor with females only wearing underwear.  A BBC report quotes a Twitter user who said, "We're opening a tunnel & here are 2 people dressed as Ibex pretending to have sex."  Here I see in the choreographer's offering a play on conjuring Satan's dark underworld by digging deep underground to build the tunnel.  So now, demonic spirits rise from the underworld to dance on top of the world. 

Commenter Tammy says, "What's all this demonic BS have to do with a tunnel opening…something fishy is going on here."

To dishonor such an amazing feat as construction of the world's deepest rail tunnel is prescient of what is in store for the U.S. as the purveyors of Super Bowl entertainment march to the same drummer.

Spy Kitten explains what is going on with Gaga. In her recent release, "The Perfect Illusion," she says "I'm trying to get control, but the pressure is taking its toll."  She is explaining how she tried to leave the music industry, but because of mind control used on her, she just couldn't break free and she came back in.  She is seen driving away from her adoring crowds into the barren land mentioned in Luke, Ch. 11, verse 24.  Here a clean spirit is in conflict with the wicked spirits that also find their way into a journey of barrenness.
Lady Gaga

The NFL's politically correct disdain for America's Conservatives grows more obvious with each of these dark themed half time events. The Super Bowl hysteria peaks and then winds down.  As the media continue their assault on the all American, clean image of QB Tom Brady, we must ask the question: Why do we put up with this filth thrown at us from the bi-coastal, bi-sexual, entertainment industry? They adore the Beys, the Madonnas, the Gagas, yet Tom Brady is fair game for their slings and arrows.  Are we going the way of the Swiss audience that sat silently as “performers” disgraced the honest work and achievement of the Gotthard Tunnel project? How positively were the nine workers who lost their lives building the tunnel memorialized when a topless female, flapping huge wings, gyrated high above their bowed forms? Sure, Roger Goodell, it's OK to pay enormous sums out of your budget to stain America's audiences with this filth, but why can't you bring yourself to put on a half time show that is patriotic, that shows honor and respect for our new President Trump and the wonderful country that elected him?

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