Friday, February 3, 2017

My God, Fate can be Unkind

Thanks to Jerry Todd. Bill Clinton may have an adoring media, but... 

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  1. California and its anti-Trump mentality

    The Democrats have so screwed up California that they won't know what hit them when the Gubernatorial election comes about. Even the new rich Silicon Valley boys are waking up.  In an article about the two traitorous troglodyte California Senators - Feinstein and the communist Harris, they brag about taking their place in the anti-Trump movement. They fear Trump's cutting off TPP will hurt California business since we export $69 billion in products and services to TPP member nations. CA also imports $146 billion in products and services from TPP nations. This is what they don't get - a trade deficit of $77 billion a year! This is what Trump is planning to put an end to - Free trade would be parity between trading partners. Otherwise we'd be as bankrupt as CA already is - fiscally, morally, spiritually and environmentally. America First would be $110 billion exported, $105 billion imported. Whatever works. Our trading partners should prosper, but so should we.