Monday, February 20, 2017

McGreevey-appointed judge reminds us that Democrats hate the Catholic Church

By Kevin J. Collins

Thanks to Catholics who vote Democrat, a Party that hates our religion, we have suffered yet another assault on our religious freedoms.

Friday we saw news that was so easy to predict, hit the internet. A Catholic hating, New Jersey judge appointed by disaffected former Catholic and self-absorbed homosexual James McGreevey  (a former governor of New Jersey), ordered a Roman Catholic grade school to allow a 7th grade girl to play on the school’s team for 7th grade boys.

That it was self-described “Gay American” McGreevey who appointed this black robed tyrant is not surprising. Men like Judge Donald A. Kessler, whose main qualification was and is being willing to trample the rights of people and organizations the Democrats don’t like, are a dime a dozen on the bench in states like New Jersey.  
James McGreevey

So now we have this black robed fraud ordering a private, Catholic religious school to violate its rules and knuckle under or face huge and crashing legal expenses merely to maintain what is rightfully its own.

The notion of separation of church and state never seems to work in favor of church when Democrats are making decisions and this case is no different. A family that has decided that its demands must come ahead of the moral and financial responsibilities of a Catholic school they have freely chosen to send their daughter to, has shopped carefully and found a Democrat judge willing to bludgeon the school into submission.

It goes without saying that had this been a school run by any other religion but the Roman Catholic Church, NONE of this would have happened. There is no judge in New Jersey or anywhere else in this country that would have ordered a Muslim school to violate its doctrines.

Things like this are exactly why we voted for Donald Trump – even if most of the people in New Jersey were too dense to join us. Outrages like this will fade from the public stage only when Catholics who vote Democrat wake up and realize their Party hates our religion.

As an old basketball coach I feel for the coach of the team who only wants to win games but now has to take orders from a judge as to whom he is to play. To end this madness, Catholics and all those who care about religious freedoms have to stop voting Democrat.

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  1. Uh... Trump is FOR this type of thing. Please look at the "gay" agenda that he is pushing.