Friday, February 24, 2017

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas dedicated to revealing bias and corruption at CNN which will bring down the mainstream media

By Suzanne Eovaldi

"They only want to diminish, embarrass, and harass President Trump," says James O'Keefe of Project Veritas as he makes public 119 hours of insider, CNN audio recordings, "the largest confidential cache of hidden audio tapes ever released about a single news organization."  "The American people are not being informed; they're being fed lies," said O’Keefe on Thursday as he announced a $10,000 bounty award for any citizen journalist who provides a legally obtained tape recording of media malfeasance, bias or abuse.  The Project Veritas presser attracted over 80,000 views and citizen investigators are currently combing through the plethora of audio tapes secretly recorded in the newsroom of the international corporate giant.   
James O'Keefe

"The media is tied to government-the status quo, to corporate interests, to advertisers," the PV journalist said.  The dam finally broke with the election of Donald Trump, said O’Keefe and as a result, "The Media is reaching irrelevance; it's lost its business model; people don't believe them anymore." He discussed the “voter fraud/no voter fraud” dustup with George Stephanopoulos, former senior aide of President Bill Clinton and now an ABC cynosure. "How they get away with placing AGENDA before ACCURACY," is the thrust of O'Keefe's investigation.  Misleading the public is a cruel attack on our freedom of the press and on our democratic form of government. An populace informed of the truth is necessary if we are to select trustworthy representatives to lead that government.

Also important to cite here was the release of questions by CNN's former contributor Donna Brazile to Hillary Rodham Clinton prior to her debate with now President Trump, who told rally goers in Florida that Clinton should have recused herself from participation on those questions, even as she told the American people why.

An even more sinister scheme involves the attendance by CNN and other MSM reporters at two Clinton, OFF THE RECORD cocktail parties.  According to a Huffington Post report picked up by, the first was held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at the home of Clinton Campaign manager, John Podesta. A second, larger meeting of media elites was held the next night in NYC, just before Clinton's announcement of her candidacy for the Presidency. The purpose of the meeting was to frame the message of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign and make certain that media elites were on board.

"Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood of Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence," says a source that maintains the Washington Post took down its 2004 reference to this Podesta home tour event.  Former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta was apparently quite comfortable with his “homey” displays of perverse, erotic art. Yet did anyone say anything? Alex Jones of Infowars said Clinton former aide Sally Katzen mentioned the "awkwardness" of being at the Podesta home. Of course, according to Katzen, "at political events, there's an inevitable awkwardness."  One wonders if that “inevitable awkwardness” should be attributed to politics or to the existence of Podesta’s collection of photographs of nude children. 

Here are the names of the CNN reporters who RSVPd to what seemed to be the larger, Friday night dinner in 2015:  Brianna Keilar, David Chalian, Gloria Borger, Jeff Zeleny, John Berman, Kate Boulduan, Mark Preston, and Sam Feist.  CNN's Jake Tapper and Jeff Zucker both declined, according to Breitbart.   Unknown here is the attendee list for the Podesta event.  Candidate Clinton herself was said not to have attended either event in 2015, but 14 Clinton team members RSVPd.  Some included John Podesta, Robby Mook, Huma Abedin, and Jennifer Palmieri.  This breach clouds the Be Objective precept of responsible journalism.  You can read the entire media list of attendees at the Breitbart link to this article.

This week, John Podesta gave his first youtube interview since the Comet Ping Pong controversy began, by saying,"It's (fake news) undermining our Democracy" because "an echo system where fake news blows up" is being created.  He says this controversy is "being debunked in msm. . .it's sinister-vile stream running under the ground."  Podesta said James Alefantis, restaurant owner, "cooked at a fundraiser for Hillary.  He also mentioned but did not explain "Russians throwing bot bombs."  

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has uploaded audio recorded by a mole in the CNN studios which provides information on all of the above stories.  And we can expect much more in the near future as O’Keefe is determined to expose bias and corruption on a level which will cause an already skeptical public to ignore future media claims altogether.  

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