Monday, February 20, 2017

Georgetown University Guarantees to “Educate” the Next Round of Liberal Journalists

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Georgetown University's course catalog for its Masters in Journalism program reads like an advert for a farm team of liberal, agenda-driven rookies, destined for placement in the Capitol Hill bubble of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. According to the university, journalism students can look forward to, “mastering the art of compelling storytelling through firsthand experience in the vibrant political and cultural landscape of the nations’ capitol.” Shouldn’t there be some mention of the gathering of facts?

Apparently not. For one half of the school's elective offerings feature a storytelling theme that runs counter to the original journalistic aim of truth telling. The school's web adverts for the study of journalism feature such classes as Storytelling, Storytelling for Change, Visual Storytelling and Multimedia Storytelling.  Permit me here to be a pedantic English teacher when I remind the reader that a storyteller, according to one of Webster's definitions, is a "fibber or liar." Given these course titles, I would suggest that Georgetown shift its narrative tales offerings to the creative writing program in one of academia's recently discarded English departments.

Here are some suggestions for courses that might have been offered, but were glaringly omitted: Covering economic topics; covering the federal government's budget; factually covering environmental, scientific, medical news in depth; covering public schools and education at all levels, K-twelve. How about a project on the topic of JFK's Executive Order providing public sector unions the right of free bargaining?  Spotting and investigating government corruption in all areas should be a separate degree initiative.

The Georgetown catalog does not offer a Civics course, does not mention how our constitutional republic operates or how America's founders established the most exceptional government in history. No course is offered about reporting on the functions of our tripartite system.  Do these Master's in Journalism students have to take and pass a test on our Constitution?  How about a course on political correctness and its myriad contributions to voter disgust?  By the way, I could find not one word critical of the rampant BIAS in news coverage and the mistrust it engenders in the American public.   

Here is a list of the contact entities included in the catalogue for which Georgetown Journalism students have apparently become a farm team: AP, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NatGeo, NYT, NPR, WSJ, WaPo.  Not one alt-right news outlet or contact was mentioned.  Does the school know how to go about finding a Conservative Journalism Professor?  Not even Fox News is represented, although this outlet had the highest ratings in coverage of the 2016 presidential race.

Of course, the school offers "social media," but what sort? Perhaps the choices are limited to dating sites, left leaning screeds and feel good texting.  How about a required course entitled the Objective Presentation of News Coverage!

Perhaps the saddest commentary on the Georgetown catalog is that not one mention is made of "Telling the People's Story." A 50's journalism school would not have graduated any student that could not relate to, honor or report on the average American's life, struggles, wants, desires.  Over and over we were told to “Tell the People's Story.”  Oh, btw, who just happened to stick a knife into the bubble that insulates D.C. from the rest of the nation--that is, from the People's Story?-- none other than the little people who voted into office the consummate outsider.  President Trump is doing what he promised supporters he would do upon achieving the victory deemed impossible by the smart set. It seems Mr. Trump actually listened when the people told him their story!

Trump tweeted at 3:34 a.m. on 02-12-2017: "The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise.  Gang members, drug dealers, others are being removed."  What a novel idea: an elected official who does what he promised.  When did the idea of reporters holding politicians accountable give way to demanding that elected officials never  stray from the MSM's, leftist agenda? Ignoring the Little People—that is, the American voter--and constantly reporting slanted poll numbers just may make a journalism degree passe' going forward.

Speaking of storytellers, the 2011 White House News Correspondent's dinner is back in the news, even as D.C. pundits and spinners wonder if the annual event will be held at all this coming April.  Seth Meyers is offering a youtube apology for what he said about Donald Trump five years ago; it seems Meyers is wracked with guilt, worried that his words may have provided the impetus for the new President's election victory.  Using a hateful tone that wouldn’t have been permitted even in a Georgetown classroom years ago, Meyers had slung this insult: "Donald Trump says he's a Republican; his running is a joke." Observers now claim this ridicule is, in fact, what compelled Trump to undertake his extraordinary crusade to the presidency.  Former President Obama had made fun of the billionaire's “Birther quest,” a quest to discover the truth surrounding the Obama nativity story. Bragging in front of the press about releasing his long form birth certificate may now seem ironic given the fact that the document has been declared fraudulent by forensic examiners on two continents.  In any event, those that once found humor in the idea of a Trump campaign are not laughing now.

The aim of a good journalist used to be reminiscent of the courtroom oath: "To Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth." Perhaps it’s a good thing that Georgetown is teaching its journalism students to be storytellers. Given the fact that voters no longer trust the media to tell any part of the truth, a sideline in the art of storytelling might assist the Masters class in securing employment…maybe as writers for Seth Meyers!

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