Thursday, February 9, 2017

George Soros is an even-handed tyrant, owning both Democrats and Republicans

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-WI) along with Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) each received a whopping donation of $10,800 from the Soros Fund Management in 2016.  The donation amounts were revealed by the Center for Responsive Politics and opened up for public scrutiny by  Lindsey Graham (R-SC) received $3,500; John McCain (R-AZ) $2,500; Marco Rubio (R-FL) $2,700; John Kasich Presidential candidate $2,700; and Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) $1,000.  These figures are based on donations of $200 or more during the recent election cycle as reported in December by the Federal Election Commission.

Other long time Republicans who took Soros money include former Speaker of the House John Boehner who picked up $2,600; Jeb Bush, whose 2016 presidential campaign sank like the Titanic got $2,700 and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) picked up $1,000.  Imagine the moral compass of a Republican politician who would welcome donations from George Soros, a dedicated enemy of the United States and the American people.  Receiving the greatest number of donations from the Soros machine were New York’s congressional contestants with 12.  California politicians received 6 and Florida politicos 5, to show how the swing state map figured into the Soros donation strategy.  Failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton,  who may or may not be considering a mayoral run in NYC, received $22,400, putting her at the top of the list of Soros tinged politicians.  
George Soros

Now we are beginning to realize just how earth shaking the win of President Donald Trump really is.  The Soros recipient list may help to explain John McCain's hurtful antics in opposition to Mr. Trump and the voters that elected our great new president.  A recent edition of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER revealed McCain, Graham, Alaska's Lisa Murkowski and AZ Junior Senator Jeff Flake, up for reelection in 2018, met in a DC hotel shortly after the inauguration to plan their opposition to President Trump's agenda.

Speaking of agendas, the much larger picture going on behind these above figures and Trumps' painful opposition in Congress, especially from Ryan, McCain, and Graham, requires review of the aims of Agenda 21 and its grand design for a North American Union composed of a borderless continent including Mexico, the USA and Canada.  The New World Order paradigm largely is credited to Father Bush, with his dutiful son George W. actually beginning the initial stages of setting the NWO in place. But the Obama push toward one world governance really took America by a storm with Obama EO's, no rules immigration, amnesty and a general weakening of the foundations of our Constitution and its Republican form of governance.

The Accuracy in Media website is saying Trump's victory is a real and present threat to the North American Union scheme.  Here are parts of the NAU plan for takeover of our beloved country: 1. Borderless, seamless open borders for the world's citizens to travel freely; 2. Harboring of criminal aliens in the USA; 3. Establishment of the North American Court of Justice that has the authority to overrule decisions by the US Supreme Court; 4. NAU Trade Tribunal; 5. the scary sounding Social Charter for Human Rights. Here are where the activities of the SJWs are gaining so much attention as Mr. Trump and his new administration ban entry to unknown, possibly dangerous people.  Ask yourself, how could these airport demonstrations just happen overnight, professionally printed signs, planned choke points, many other pre planned crowd activation details.

Frightening news came this week that security cameras along the inauguration parade route went silent from January 15 for 48 hours.  After discovery of the breach, two people in London were arrested and have an April, 2017 court appearance. 

If this isn't enough to pause your remote,  how about this youtube video from a US Fish and Wildlife Conference outlining the National Blue Ways Project.  Here, 51 projects in all 50 states and DC aim to put huge amounts of our land and water areas under direct management by the federal government.  "Tens of thousands of miles of rivers and hundreds of millions of acres of land" would pass from individual US states and their citizens into the globalist takeover of the once free America.

As we see a dying globalist Agenda 21 for America's demise just refusing to die, we need always to keep in mind that these powerful globalists have way too much at stake to lose quietly to Donald Trump's AMERICA FIRST theme.  Dear people, we are in the midst of a Second Revolution every bit as dangerous as our fore fathers fought so valiantly to create for us, the greatest country on earth.

American Exceptionalism is their target. This dark movement pushed our land very near to the cliff of no return. Will you return to the comfortable couch potato somnolence that let the globalists do this to us?  President Trump can't do it by himself. Congressional actors and liberal judges will thwart him at every turn, NWO trilateralists are trying to fold America into the North American Union.  Our future, once again, is in the hands of loyal American voters, patriots in this huge Second Revolution!

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