Saturday, February 11, 2017

Former Marine removed from Iraq, criticized for telling the truth

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

When Steven Gern--a ten year veteran of the Marine Corps working in Iraq--put up a video telling Americans what average members of the local population in Iraq really thought about the USA, not only did the video garner 8 million views, within hours he was airlifted out of his work zone into Baghdad by private plane because his boss was concerned about the numerous death threats which had been made against him.  The former marine was the only passenger on the plane. 

YouTube initially took down Gern’s video for "violating YouTube's Policy on hate speech."  Imagine that! We've come to the point in America's curse of political correctness that makes it impossible for an individual to tell the truth to his own countrymen without facing censorship, banishment and work related sanctions. Gern was given only thirty minutes to pack a bag and get on a waiting private plane, already in takeoff mode, for his flight to Baghdad. 
Steven Gern

But now, Steven Gern is even more resolved to reveal the truth about what is going on in one of the seven banned countries affected by President Trump's EO.  "What would happen if I went in town…out of the compound?," Gern asked locals who were yelling and screaming about the travel vetting process. They gave him a chilling, four step outline of what he would undoubtedly face; namely he would be "snatched up, tortured, KILLED WITHIN ONE HOUR, probably by beheading." His murder, by the very people he and all Americans have been trying to help for many years, would "be filmed for everyone to see." For his honesty and courage, Steven Gern now faces employment sanctions and other attacks. But he made a second video—this one during his forced getaway flight--in which he tells viewers, "You haven't heard the last of me yet.” “Later.”

Gern wants Americans to wake up; "Americans in general are extremely na├»ve; they don't want to understand there are actual people out there that don't like our way of life.  You Can't Change Their Thought Process." What prompted the left’s critical firestorm against the former Marine was not the simple question he asked the local Iraqis. "What would happen if I went in town?" Rather, it was his reply to them: "If you-Iraqi citizens-would do this to me, in your country, why would I let you in my country?" Over 12,000 emails pushed the military-industrial complex into overdrive.  "I spoke the truth,” said Gern. “They hate us so much…other countries are not tolerant towards America."

So there you have, in essence, what President Trump is actually facing with the rejection by the liberal judiciary of his thoroughly constitutional, EO travel ban. The President said at one of his rallies this summer, "Everyone has bled this country dry." How can we stand up to this agenda-driven insanity of political correctness; this orchestrated attempt by globalists, to endanger our homeland, our lives, that of our children, our country's future? Steven Gern wants us to stop pouring money into a country that rejects us; he wants the money to be used state-side to help our vets, some now living homeless on the streets of America.  He bravely says to us, "I will not be silenced."  The bigger question here is "Why do we stay silent in the face of such threats to the USA?”

If Mr. Gern were a Muslim whose life had been threatened by Christians (even a vague threat by "persons unknown") the story would have been presented complete with appropriate outrage on every network from coast to coast.  Has anyone seen an interview of Mr. Gern on CNN, MSNBC etc?   Just asking.  Ed.

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