Saturday, January 14, 2017

Restoring America’s Fighting Force

By Jim Emerson, staff writer
The American military under Obama received less focus about preparing to fight wars than as a laboratory for social engineering. The military was ordered to integrate Homosexuals and transgenders into the ranks. The armed forces had to place its war fighting training on hold in order to adopt the “politically correct,” liberal agenda of the far left. As a result, the military has begun to lose its fighting spirit and forgotten its heritage and history.
The Obamas Regime’s “inclusive approach” has managed to minimize the expression of religion in the ranks. Officers and enlisted alike have been disciplined for displaying Bibles or quoting gospel verses. General George Washington introduced Chaplains in the American Military, modern day progressive social justice snowflakes want to drive them out. Freedom of religion is slowly being removed from Americans serving their country as they are instead being forced to worship at the altar of political correctness. Warfare is not an affirmative action project.
Placing women in special operations meant lowering the bar and despite studies proving it was a bad idea and out-of-touch with the real requirements of warfare, Washington politicians demanded the integration. How many warriors will have to die before American’s wake up to the folly of social engineering? America’s war fighters are no longer being trained to win wars. Rather, they must cater to the whims of Battle Dress Uniform-wearing snowflakes at the expense of the military’s core objective.
Time for a change
This week, Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis went before the Senate Armed Services Committee for his confirmation process. He will likely be confirmed. One of the first he will do is “bring the warrior ethos back to the Pentagon”  Gen. Mattis and his future boss, President Trump, will reverse the priority of the US Military from social experimentation to an emphasis on combat readiness.
American has to get serious about the War on Terror. The front line in America is the local police force. To stop terrorists coming to America, we must have a combat force of well-trained warfighters to take the fight to the enemy’s homeland and win.

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