Monday, January 9, 2017

GOP Congressman Rips Down Painting of Cops Portrayed as Pigs in the Capitol

A short while back, Democrat Rep. Lacy Clay of Missouri decided to hang a painting in the US Capitol which portrayed police as pigs, shooting Blacks suspects. When he was criticized and asked to take the painting down, he responded by calling the painting “the most creative expression that I’ve witnessed in the last 16 years.” Clay added, "The U.S. Capitol is a symbol of freedom, not censorship. The young artist chose his own subject and the painting will not be removed.” 

The article below, published last Friday in the Independent Journal Review, reveals what happened when Congressman Duncan Hunter decided to take a stand.

By Joe Perticone  1/6/17

California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter personally removed a painting hanging in the U.S. Capitol that portrayed police officers as pigs on Friday. 

The painting, which was originally hung by Missouri Democrat Lacy Clay, was submitted through the congressional art competition and featured pigs dressed as police officers aiming guns protestors.

A representative for Clay's office confirmed to The Hill that Hunter returned the painting to them. 
Rep. Lacy Clay
Independent Journal Review first reported the painting's presence in the Capitol last week, which prompted backlash from members of Congress and police unions.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) wrote on Twitter that the painting is “Offensive, insulting & deeply disturbing,” adding:

'This has no place in @uscapitol halls where USCP officers protect & defend our freedoms every day."

Representatives of various police officer unions penned a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding it be removed because its presence “adds credence to a demonstrably false narrative about law enforcement that undermines the safety of law enforcement officers and those we protect.”

I wonder if Rep Clay would have expressed the same appreciation for the painting if it had portrayed Muhammed beheading helpless children, or Blacks torturing a defenseless White?   Ed.

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