Friday, January 13, 2017

Finding that no power means no income, will Hillary run for office again?

By Doug Book

The NY Post had it right in August of 2015 when it deemed the Clinton Foundation a “slush fund.” But it seems that the most desirable deposits of slush only find their way to those who are in a position to offer something in return.   

Last year, Hillary’s aspirations for unrivaled power ran headlong into the wisdom she didn’t believe American voters possessed. As a result, donations to the Clinton Foundation are, as PJ Media puts it, “drying up.”  

For example, “The Norwegian government’s planned contribution to the Clinton Foundation next year will be nearly 90 percent off its peak...”  Cash paid the Clinton’s for speeches fell from $3.6 million in 2014 to just $375,000 last year. And a Foundation ad asking for contributions promised that Bill would personally triple any donation up to $200,000! (Talk about taking money from one pocket and putting it in another!) 

Of course, it’s possible that the Foundation’s income nosedive is not connected to Hillary’s failed run for the White House; that the two events are mere coincidence and Hillary’s being stomped by Donald Trump had nothing to do with Norway’s decision. Then again, wasn’t it Mike Myers who observed, “Yeah…and monkeys might fly out of my butt.”

In any event, it looks as though Hillary may be considering a direct approach to ending her income woes. According to Independent Journal Review contributor Kyle Becker, Mrs. Clinton is “in talks to run for political office.” And no, she does not want to rejoin the Senate where she will be forced to share power and political graft with 99 others. 

Instead, Newsmax contributor John Gizzi writes that Hillary “is ‘talking about’ running for New York City mayor.”  Hillary’s relationship with current Mayor and Communist Bill de Blasio is not the warmest given de Blasio’s support of Bernie Sanders during the Democrat primary campaign.  And just think of the potential for graft as Hillary sells political favors to any number of connected acquaintances who happen to have a spare $25 million or so.

A couple of days ago, a Hillary aide discounted the Newsmax story, saying Mrs. Clinton “is done running for office and will focus on aiding children and families.” Aiding children and families? Hillary had ample opportunity to do just that with the funds which had been flowing so freely into the Clinton Foundation.  In 2013, for example, “the Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges…but spent just $9 million on direct aid.”

So what happened to the money? According to the N.Y. Post, “on its 2013 tax forms…the foundation claimed it spent $30 million on payroll and employee benefits; $8.7 million in rent and office expenses; $9.2 million on “conferences, conventions and meetings”; $8 million on fundraising; and nearly $8.5 million on travel.” Such expenditures don’t compare very favorably with “the 75 percent rate of spending that nonprofit experts say a good charity should spend on its mission.” 

Imagine that.

Hillary Clinton will turn 70 this year. Her health problems have been reported far and wide even as their effects were witnessed on numerous occasions during her White House run. Two terms in Gracie Mansion would end with Hillary (if she survived it) pushing 80 and having to delegate duties and authority to underlings throughout the City and State.  Though the New York Times would undoubtedly provide cover by marveling at her strength and positive nature, the demands of such a high-profile office would have to take their toll.

So would Hillary risk her health and even her life in the pursuits of greater power and ever-increasing wealth?

Hell yes! Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't know Hillary Clinton.

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