Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chicago out of Control

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Hello America.  Will someone, somewhere out there please pick up the phone and do something, anything, about Chicago, NOW? "The city is in CRISIS," repeat CRISIS, says former Police Commander Garry McCarthy who warns the city is fast approaching a State of Lawlessness!  His remarks, for a CBS "60 Minutes" feature which aired last Sunday, take on even more force as McCarthy was fired over visual reaction to a black man being shot.  But the current commander, Kevin Duffin, said the kidnapping and torture of a helpless, young, special needs white man took place merely because "Kids Make Stupid Decisions."

And if that idiotic statement isn't enough to outrage the entire country, consider the comments from the Second City Cop BlogSpot that is pointing out that neither Chicago Police Department brass nor rank and file want the Illinois National Guard to intervene! Recent highlights of the rank and file's meeting with HQ says, (HQ) "is OK with getting federal $$$, not with National Guard…not good for community relationships." And the police blog agrees "on no National Guard!" But the community getting tortured, raped, kidnapped, shot, killed in unbelievable and horrific crimes and criminal activity is OK? Hello, America.

Alt media and the internet are carrying the tears of human outrage, however, and their quick responses pulled this vision of Chicago as toilet of the country into a web war that finally brought about hate crime charges against four black perps who attacked a helpless human.  When Facebook finally pulled it, the crime's graphics already had hit Drudge and had been downloaded many times on YOUTUBE.  Here's what the had to say about "The hapless schmuck (who) said they are going to look into if this was a case of Kids Making Stupid Decisions." Enraged Mom says, at this blog's comment thread: "I nearly cried.  This angers me so much. I'm in tears.  We should go down to Chicago and Protest. . .If it would have been white people who did this to a black guy, the left would go insane. .This is full blown racism."

Succinctly, another commenter says bluntly, "Chicago is Like Aleppo with Freezing Temperatures!"

On Tuesday night, January 10, President Obama will deliver a farewell address in his adopted city at Chicago's McCormick Place venue on South Lake Shore Drive.  Soon after that, the CPD expects to receive the Department of Justice report on the Laquan McDonald police shooting that has driven the city into the YOUTUBE effect of non-policing. Is the expected very damaging DOJ report the real reason why proper and fitting administrative and mayoral response took so long? "DOJ report will be ugly-don't take it personally." (from report of HQ briefing to rank and file-2nd City Cop blog).

The complete opposite of the Ferguson effect, the YOUTUBE effect is the direct result of policing by photo cop.  Clever editing, sensational footage, dropped views of what the suspect was doing before the personal cameras began rolling, this phenomenology of cop by video has reached its apex in a city out of control, the city that once was Chicago.

Second City Cop describes a department in defeat, needing a more effective, current union leadership.  Former Fraternal Order of Police Union Chief Mike Shields says, "rank and file have little choice but to remain in a defensive crouch…they're laying back for fear of being portrayed as criminals in the next YOUTUBE Video." The blog writer stresses the fact that while there may be fewer citizen complaints, there is also less stop and arrest, pro-active policing. The department is being hamstrung by the politically correct, leftist Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, Obama's first chief of staff, its supervisors and administrators and the corrosive mentality which claims that communities safe from the police will somehow be safe communities!  Of course, the facts don’t begin to bear this out as Chicago suffered 796 homicides in 2016, the largest number since the early 1990’s.

Look, the West and South sides of Chicago now are beyond the range of local discipline.  Political correctness in its most horrific graphics is on display as the entire country watches a helpless young man have his head stuck in a toilet bowl and forced to drink Chicago's sludge.  What are you going to do about it, Mayor Rahm?

My home state is Illinois; I have called US Senator Dick Durbin (1-866-220-0044), emailed Gov. Rauner; "please go see Mr. Trump at Trump Tower."  I cry for you, Chicago. I love the city; I love the Art Institute, The University of Illinois, the lake splashed South Lake Shore Drive, the beauty, the vibrancy, the can do that no longer can.

To obtain tickets for President Obama's Farewell Address, go to      McCormick Place, 2301 S. King Dr., Chgo, at US 41 (Lake Shore Drive)

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