Sunday, January 22, 2017

American Thinker piece asks where the angry voters are who were duped by Russian hackers

Where are all the voters who were duped by Russian hacks and FBI director Comey’s actions?

By Keith Edwards   1/20/17

If Democrats believe that the outcome of the election is the result of Russian hacks and FBI director Comey’s actions, then it stands to reason that there must be millions of Hillary-leaning voters who changed their vote to Trump as a result.  

So the big question to ask Democrats who make this argument is, where all the people who changed their Hillary votes to Trump, and how come those people aren’t shouting from the rooftops that they were duped by the Russians and FBI director Comey into voting for Trump?  And why haven’t we seen any of these duped people telling their stories on every liberal drive-by media channel?

Well, if you really want to know where all the duped people are, you may be surprised to know that there are none.  That’s right.  None!  If there were, the liberal media would have already rounded them all up and be broadcasting wall-to-wall coverage of their plight as victims of the newly found liberal victim status – “voter information fraud.”

The truth is, this argument is just another method liberals are using to cope with Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump.  So let’s be nice and try to help them out.

OK, libs...breathe in slow and deep – now breathe out slow and easy and repeat after me – “Make America Great Again.” There you go...that wasn’t so bad, now, was it?  Don’t you feel better?  It’ll be OK – President Trump promises – believe him!

In the 2000, Presidential election, Florida Democrats claimed a confusing ballot design in Palm Beach County resulted in thousands mistakenly casting their vote for Pat Buchanan rather than their intended choice, Al Gore. Lawsuits were filed by angry voters and to this day the left maintain that George Bush was "selected" by the Supreme Court and not elected by the American people. The ballot had been designed by the Democrat Party in Palm Beach County. When the dust finally settled, George Bush had won the state's 25 Electoral Votes by only a 527 vote margin. 

The 2000 presidential election featured weeks of bickering and the intercession of 2 Supreme Courts before a president would be named. Yet, as author Keith Edwards states above, not a soul has come forward to protest being duped by America's mortal enemy! The left's claim has all the earmarks of a crock.  Ed.

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