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IT BEGINS=> Two Prominent Minnesota Democrats Call For Al Franken to Resign

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on November 16th

by Cristina Laila  

Two prominent Minnesota Democrats are calling for Al Franken to resign after model and radio host Leeann Tweeden came forward accusing the Senator of sexual assault. 
I thought Democrats were immune from this crap. Hell, Teddy Kennedy got away with killing a broad; I just grabbed some t***!
Not only did Tweeden give details of the sexual assault by Democrat Senator Al Franken, she released a very damning and disturbing photo of the cretin groping her while she was asleep.

Social media was set ablaze Thursday morning with conservatives calling for Al Franken to resign using the hashtag #ResignAl.
You're a class guy, AL
A second woman also came forward accusing Franken of harassment.

The second accuser is Melanie Morgan of Media Equalizer

Yes, it’s true. I was stalked and harassed by Al Franken. I will have details @MediaEqualizer shortly,” tweeted Morgan.

Now this…

Two prominent Minnesota Democrats are calling for Franken’s resignation.

Two prominent members of Minnesota’s Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party are calling on Sen. Al Franken to resign his Senate seat following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Although many other Democrats have called the former comedian’s actions disturbing, state auditor Rebecca Otto and Megan Thomas, president of the party’s official Feminist Caucus, say he should leave office.

Otto, a candidate for governor in Minnesota, said in a statement that “I believe it’s in the best interest of Minnesotans and of women everywhere for Senator Franken to resign, and to set an example to powerful men across America that sexual harassment will not be tolerated.”

Thomas, meanwhile, told the Washington Examiner that Franken’s misconduct was “every woman’s nightmare on a bus.” In a Facebook post, the longtime party organizer wrote that while she appreciated his progressive vote record, the fear Franken will instill in women is enough reason for his departure.

“The ‘political’ answer is to wait and not overreact. But I also know that the next time I see him in person I will, however fleeting or unneeded, be afraid because of what he is doing in that picture. No one should fear their elected representatives, so, sadly, for me, I think the Senator should resign,” she wrote.

ED.  We are used to seeing Republicans selling each other out.  Just standard stuff for the party of treacherous weaklings. 

But when Democrats begin cutting each other's throats, you KNOW the problem is becoming a big one. For it means that even the media are incapable of protecting their fellow leftists. 

Workers on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Campaigns Claim Sexual Harassment

The following article appeared on Breitbart on November 17th

By Adam Shaw

Campaign workers on the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Democratic 2016 presidential campaigns alleged in a report published Friday that they were harassed while campaigning for their respective candidates and that the campaigns failed to address the claims properly — the latest sexual misconduct revelations to rock the Democratic Party.

Lilian Adams, a Clinton campaign worker, and Zoey Jordan Salsbury, who worked for the Sanders primary campaign, both told HuffPost that they were sexually harassed by fellow campaign workers and that the campaigns were “ill-equipped” to cope. 
Hillary figured she was stronger WITHOUT Bernie
Adams, who relocated to Colorado to work for the campaign as a paid organizer, said she was subject to homophobic remarks (Adams is bisexual) which went on to comments about her body and attempts to force her into one-on-one situations and get her to drink alcohol. Adams, then 19, said her harasser also encouraged her not to wear bras.

While her abuser was eventually fired months after Adams first complained to superiors in June, he was reportedly later rehired in October to work on the campaign for a different state party, leaving her disillusioned. Clinton made the fair-and-equal treatment of women a central part of her campaign as the first woman to win the presidential nomination for a major political party.

“You have a lot of young passionate people who want to help change the world through Democratic politics,” Adams said. “Older Democratic operatives see this passion and exploit it, putting us in an extremely stressful and unhealthy work environment.”

However, she said she did not blame Clinton herself:

“When I criticize the Hillary campaign, I am not criticizing her,” she told HuffPost. “She was actually a source of inspiration during the hard days.”

Salsbury, who worked as a volunteer as president of American University Students for Bernie, told HuffPost a campaign intern made unwanted advances, but the campaign had no structure to deal with issues among volunteers. In her account, she blasted “a culture that didn’t discuss office policies with volunteers or make it clear that harassment wasn’t tolerated.” She was 18 at the time of the alleged harassment.

She said she was contacted by a Sanders campaign lawyer this week, but the conversation made her uncomfortable, treating her as if she was a “roadblock” to a possible 2020 run for the Vermont socialist.

“It firmly felt like the kind of call you make when you’re trying to feel out if someone has the interest and/or standing to bring a lawsuit,” she said.

Clinton aides did not respond to HuffPost, while Sanders told the outlet he does “not tolerate sexual harassment” in his Senate office or on his campaigns. However, his office admitted that volunteers were not given information on detailing harassment reporting process and that that will change in the future.

The allegations are the latest sexual misconduct claims to rock the Democratic Party and come a day after a picture emerged of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) groping a journalist on a two-week USO tour in 2006. The journalist, Leeann Tweeden, also claimed that before that picture Franken had kissed her during a skit rehearsal without her consent.

Franken apologized for his actions, although he said he remembers the rehearsal differently to Tweeden. Franken called for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate his actions after coming under heavy fire from both Republicans and Democrats.

Judicial Watch Fighting to Get Details About Congressional Sexual Harassment Settlements

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on November 17th

by Cristina Laila  

As previously reported, Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a ‘creep list’ of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.

Twitter was set ablaze Thursday after the Congressional Office of Compliance released a year-by-year breakdown of harassment settlements and other awards without any details or names! 
A new report by CNN exposed the DC swamp’s very serious problem of powerful men preying on women. CNN spoke with over 50 current and former lawmakers, aides and staff who have personally experienced sexual harassment on The Hill or know people who have.

As if this couldn’t get any worse, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Tuesday that taxpayers have paid over $15 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against members of Congress!

We want names! Just look at this list of settlements! We want the who, what, when, where and why!
Why are OUR tax dollars being used to pay for their crimes?
Conservatives and liberals are furious over the secrecy in D.C.’s settlements especially because they are using taxpayer money to pay for their sexual deviancy.

Gateway Pundit readers were calling on Judicial Watch to start digging!

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said, “We might start getting info about Congress sexual harassment claims and other congressional abuse issues if FOIA open records law is changed to apply to Congress. We testified repeatedly in support of this!”

Judicial Watch is fighting to get FOIA open records law to apply to Congress. Fitton said Judicial Watch has repeatedly testified in support of this. Thank you Judicial Watch.

Here is Fitton in action fighting for the American people to extend FOIA laws to Congress: via Judicial Watch

Tom Fitton Pres, Judicial Watch

 Fitton youtube video link here

Breaking: FBI Informant in Clinton Uranium One Bribery Case has Video of Briefcases Full of Money! (Fox VIDEO on youtube)

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on November 16th

By Jim Hoft

The Jeff Sessions DOJ leaked the name of the FBI informant in the Clinton Uranium One bribery case.

The Sessions DOJ told Reuters the man’s name is William D. Campbell and he worked as a lobbyist for a Russian firm. According to reporter John Solomon the informant is a consultant and his evidence will show Russian agents with suitcases of cash to bribe the Clintons for US uranium. 
Solomon says the Reuters report today downplaying the informant is completely inaccurate.

The informant says he is in fear for his life since he was outed by the Sessions DOJ.
Campbell will reportedly testify on Monday.

The informant will testify next week before Congress.

FOX Video youtube link here

Ed.  If Mr. Campbell is in fear for his life, I can't say that I would blame him.  There is a list of friends and associates Hillary and Bill have supposedly had murdered. At last count I believe the numbers stood in the 30s. Hard to believe?? Why, of course. The Clinton's are such NICE people, now aren't they!

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

Hat Tip: Alan Cooperman

Sure fire, can’t miss, the expression says it all. 


Also, if your dog is called Al (as in Gore or Franken), it is possibly more likely to be involved in a sex scandal, depending on what tree it is barking up.