Friday, December 2, 2016

Van Jones no longer believes racism the reason for Trump victory?

On election night, CNN guest star Van Jones claimed voters in the rustbelt states had been guilty of a “Whitelash;”  that is, a racist backlash against 8 years of a black president. It was the only possible explanation for Hillary’s stunning loss to a candidate Jones accused of being a bully and a bigot.

What a difference 3 weeks have made! Suddenly it was the “arrogance and elitism” of the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign that were responsible for the defeat no one on the left had expected.  Maybe Jones no longer believes Trump to be a “bully” or a “bigot” and perhaps his Muslim friends have stopped asking Obama’s communist Green Czar if they should leave the country.

The following article was published on December 1st on

Van Jones: Trump Won Rust Belt Because of Dems ‘Arrogance and Elitism’

By Pam Key

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” former Obama administration green jobs czar and CNN contributor Van Jones said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost to President-elect Donald Trump because Democrats’ “arrogance and elitism,” caused them to ignore the suffering in the rust belt states.

Partial transcript as follows:

JONES: There’s more going on than the media has gotten to. There’s heartbreak all around and we got to start listening to each other.

GOLDBERG: But here’s my question. Now that we are starting to see the plans and the people Donald’s putting in, how is this going to affect them? Because you know, all of the things that these families have put their hopes and dreams on him —

JONES: Listen, tell you what, they’re going to be patient with Donald Trump because they’ve been waiting for a long time. And I’m going to tell you something as a liberal, when those factories started closing, did the NAACP come help? Did Green Peace? Did the National Organization for Woman, did any liberal group come? We as liberals can’t be mad. We didn’t ask them for a date. We didn’t try to say come with me to dinner. So then Donald Trump shows up and takes them out and now we’re mad.

BEHAR: How do you account for the fact that she has 2.5 million more popular votes than he then?

JONES: It was the weakness in the rust belt. That’s where she lost it. I was saying back in June—those so-called blue states are hanging by a thread and nobody went there to fix it.

BEHAR:  They didn’t agree. They didn’t see it. When I interviewed Nancy Pelosi, I said what if he wins, she said ‘he’s not going to win.’

JONES: Arrogance and elitism, and I love Nancy Pelosi.

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