Wednesday, December 21, 2016


By Bob Smith

Every time a new president is elected, Notre Dame invites them to speak at their campus.

They’ve been doing this since Eisenhower. Several presidents have spoken at Notre Dame.

They even invited the most pro-abortion president in history: Barack Obama. And he used the platform to lie to Catholics. He promised to defend our religious liberties. What a joke!

But now -- with Donald Trump -- they’re having second thoughts.

Notre Dame President John Jenkins says they aren’t sure if they’ll invite Trump to speak on campus. Are you kidding me?

So it’s ok for Barack Obama to speak, but not Donald Trump?

Let’s not forget that Barack Obama waged a war on the unborn, and attacked the Catholic Church at every turn during his entire presidency.

And it’s not like Notre Dame doesn’t know this. After all, Notre Dame had to sue the Obama administration in federal court over the horrendous HHS mandate!

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made repeated pledges in speeches, videos and in signed letters to Catholic organizations to eliminate the mandates and policies currently threatening faith-based institutions including the Little Sisters of the Poor -- and Notre Dame!

You would think that Notre Dame would invite Donald Trump out of gratitude once he restores the University’s religious liberty rights!

If Notre Dame wanted to end the practice of automatically inviting the president, they should have announced the decision prior to Election Day.

But now Notre Dame risks an even bigger backlash by ending their decades-old tradition of extending an invitation to the newly elected President. Ending the invitation now will surely bring charges of bias and hypocrisy.

Notre Dame vigorously defended their decision to invite President Obama. It would be stunning if buckled under pressure and didn’t invite Trump.

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  1. It is critical at this time to support those who would restore are Christian rights. This is the last change to save America from communism and retain our religious rights. Invite trump.

  2. I urge you to invite President Trump to speak at Notre Dame. We, the "SILENT MAJORITY" didn't vote for 0bama but also didn't destroy city after city like 0bama followers. We watched 0bama lie on your stage and to the Catholic Church. President Trump wasn't my 1st choice, but he is OUR President. He will restore religious rights also. I urge you to invite him to speak. Don't be a "SORE LOSER"!!

  3. Please remember the new president and do the right thing. Invite president Trump to speak.