Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ISIS Maybe Losing in Syria and Iraq But They Are Dangerous

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

In a traditional war the Islamic State is losing ground in Iraq to Iraqi, Iranian and Western forces but the terrorist organization is still recruiting extremists and inspiring young Muslims to conduct Jihad in their name. ISIS has lost nearly half of its territory in Iraq and is under heavy attack by Russian led forces in Syria but the group has a large cadre of followers in European countries and the United States. Whether they are established in the West or are posing as refugees they are likely to represent a major terrorist threat to Western nations for years to come. Despite assurances from Washington D.C. bureaucrats, there is no way to perform background checks on refugees from terrorist nations.  

And thanks to the poor vetting of refugees and immigrants entering the United States and Europe, terrorist attacks that have happened in Paris, Nice, San Bernardino, Orlando and Ohio will continue to take place throughout the world.  America has been invaded and is now the victim of homegrown terrorists who were radicalized through the internet. The American public still doesn’t know how many sleepers walked across the southern Border. The Border Patrol and Local Law enforcement are America’s first line of defense, yet their activities have been shut down by a treasonous president. 
This will become a multi-generational war, lasting as long as the politically correct, Social Justice Warriors refuse to identify the enemy “Radical Islam.”  Even if the Islamic State is wiped out, its followers will pop up in Europe and across the United States, passing on their ideology and training to more impressionable, younger generation of Muslims. If our own politicians continue to fail us, the only people able to stop the aggression will be the Muslim Community itself.  Otherwise they will be supporting it with their silence. 
ISIS is targeting young men to perform Jihad in its name. Yet even when proven that the terrorists are inspired or aligned with this terrorist organization, law enforcement and the Main Stream Media refuse to tell the American people who the criminals are. The American media are more afraid of Social Justice Warrior name calling then they are of the Watching public changing the channel.  Unless Americans honestly identify the enemy, we are lost.

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