Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is Refugee Resettlement Assisted Suicide?

By Mike Dempsey, California Center for Self Governance Student

“Trying to understand some people’s thinking is like trying to smell the color 9.” -Unknown

Politics is no longer about Democrats vs Republicans or liberals vs conservatives, it’s not even irrational vs rational anymore, but rather has degenerated to amoral vs moral. For example, abortion used to be an unconscionable idea or at the very least a serious moral dilemma, yet now it is so readily accepted as a solution that it is plastered on T-shirts as if it were a badge of courage.

Honest men who observe crime at first confront it; once honest men have been around crime for awhile they will rationalize it; and finally, previously honest men who have rationalized criminal behavior for so long will not only condone it, they will participate in it.

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” -Charlton Heston

Today, an “illegal immigrant” is referred to as an “undocumented resident” in an effort to sanitize law breaking. “Sanctuary cities” have blatantly ignored immigration laws. Some of the federal agencies charged with protecting our citizens are complicit in condoning crime. This is frightening.

Then there was the Kate Steinle murder. Was the liberal left appalled, outraged and demonstrating in the streets? No. Did they re-evaluate the wisdom of their policy? No, again. Her death was minimized, justified and basically treated as collateral damage in the convoluted “reasoning” never once considering its insanity. “Illegal” by definition is criminal activity…but not for the politically correct.  An illegal alien repeat offender murdered Kate and the left shrugged their politically correct shoulders.

The primary Constitutional mandate of our government is to protect the citizenry. Which brings us to the conundrum of refugee resettlement in the U.S. today and in particular, refugees from terrorist nations in the Middle East.

“Inclusion is assisted suicide.” -Pamela Geller

Conventional liberal thinking says we can transplant people of any religion who have been living in a primitive culture and they will be overjoyed at the good fortune of living in a free society. But Islam is not a religion. It is an aggressive political ideology and murderous way of life. It is a belief system which portrays America as an object of jealousy and hate.

Before America was in its first war with Islamic terrorists in Tripoli, referred to as “The War with the Barbary Pirates,” President Thomas Jefferson had concluded, through his diplomatic talks with Islamic leaders and his study of the Koran, that radical Islam was a barbaric political system disguised as religion, dependent on violence to reach its stated goal of world domination. And nothing has changed. Muslims have no intention of assimilating or “co-existing” in peace. In fact they are taught to do just the opposite. Jefferson was not alone in his conclusion.

Thomas Paine said, “Human nature is not of itself vicious (therefore)…belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.” The shocking belief system of radical Islam outlined in the Koran is not only cruel, but beyond comprehension for peace loving, civilized men.

Now Europe is getting an up close and personal history lesson on Islam. The Atlantic Sentinel reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, now seeking her fourth term in office, has admitted her liberal immigration policy has hurt her party. Leading up to next year’s election, Merkel has proposed a burqa-ban to placate the German people who are outraged by the refugees’ contempt, widespread violence, and unwillingness to assimilate. The famously tolerant Chancellor admitted that her multicultural society has failed “utterly”. U.K.’s Daily Express reported as recently as December 2nd, “Slovakia has passed a law which will effectively ban Islam from gaining official status as a religion, in the latest signs of a growing anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe.

Because we have forgotten our own history with radical Islam, Americans must pay attention this time, and learn the lesson again from watching the mistakes of liberal Europe’s “tolerance”.

The inclusionists tend to blithely overlook the fervor with which the refugees from nations known to sponsor terrorism cling to their brutal political system of sharia law. These “guests” believe their hosts must convert or die. The thought of us being at war with radical Islam is apparently incomprehensible to some Americans.  The most salient point continually overlooked and denied is that radical Islam is at war with us…as demanded by the Koran.

Our own State Department, Homeland Security, and other U.S. government agencies charged with the basic duty of protecting our citizenry concur: It is virtually impossible to vet all terrorist-nation refugees effectively. We cannot afford to ignore this fact. How many more incidences such as Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, and Ohio State does it take for us to say “enough” and reevaluate our policies?

As someone recently said, “When at war, one does not typically invite the enemy to live with them”, which highlights the crux of our problem. 

As an expert on Islam, Brigitte Gabriel has accurately pointed out, “There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world.  It is estimated by intelligence agencies around the world that 15-25% are radical Islamists…that means there are 180-300 million Muslims who are dedicated to the destruction of western civilization.”

Simply stated, if I offered you a jar of 100 jellybeans and 15% of them were laced with cyanide, how many would you eat?  Let me give you a minute. 

If we continue to place refugees in our towns and cities, we are putting ourselves in danger and ignoring reality. We are committing national ‘assisted suicide’.

It is time for us to demand our federal and state governments fulfill the Constitutional mandate to protect the citizenry. Then, as proposed by the President-elect, a re-evaluation of our immigration policies and a program curtailing all further refugee resettlement from terrorist nations must be adopted.

We simply cannot afford to compromise the safety and security of our Republic. We’ll only get one chance to get this right.

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