Friday, December 30, 2016


By Gene Tierney

Is outgoing US President Barack Obama buying a palatial mansion in Dubai; a lavish, overseas residence in order to impress those who will select the new UN Secretary General when Ban Ki-moon steps down at the end of this year?  A Bill Still report  gives some credence to this internet buzz by claiming it originates in “…a Russian, Foreign Intelligence, non-classified report."

Adding further drama to the Obama family mystery, the website exclusively says, "We don't buy the official line" from Navy Third Fleet Commander, Vice-Admiral Nora Tyson who claims Navy Rear Admiral Rick Williams, the esteemed newly appointed commander of Carrier Strike Group 15, was ripped from command a mere six months after being appointed as a result of "allegations of misuse of government computer equipment."  Militarycorruption editors bluntly ask the question, "Why would Williams, who's had an impeccable record over more than three decades, do such a self-destructive and foolish thing?" 

The editors refer to a web rumor that Williams got into trouble "when he e-mailed or posted remarks about Obama and a multi-million dollar seaside luxury resort in Dubai." The editors also suggest a property deposit was made by an Obama-Clinton insider. 

The Militarycorruption analysis parallels the Bill Still report concerning a Russian based intel investigation.  The editors clearly here are not comfortable with derogatory remarks about the outstanding rear admiral because "the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) (that) blocks such sites in the first place."  Snopes, on the other hand, declares as FALSE any connection between e-mails and being relieved of command, saying "that action had nothing to do with any presidential real estate scouting in Dubai."  Of course, fact-check information flowing through Snopes may have to be taken for what it has been described—the work of the far left. 

At any rate, see for yourself what a gorgeous piece of property our Secret Service soon may be protecting.  The yellow colored, sun splashed mansion on the Dubai waterfront is located in a gorgeous, lush greenery setting.  Luxury yachts awaiting wealthy owners provide a clear line of site into several rooms of the mansion. Views of the waterways appear over the kitchen sink.  However, one thread commenter warned that this may be a sniper's dream.  Roger in KC said, "Will someone please water the poor plant by the door?"   A neat chess niche can be seen as the viewer's eyes pass by enormous wealth, state of the art luxury, a spare no expense green world of water, plantings, and a security detail's many challenges.

It must raise the question: how could Barack afford this palatial estate on the $400,000/yr salary of a president? Remember, he claimed to be about broke when he entered the White House.


  1. I hope it IS a 'snipers dream'. I don't want that bastard to live long enough to enjoy ANY retirement!

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