Sunday, November 13, 2016

Keeping Ryan in place is not a bad thing as he will grab at the chance to be an historically great Speaker

By Kevin Collins

Donald John Trump is our 45th president elect because of the large number of first time-- or first time in a long time--voters who came out to support him. Many of these supporters hate politics as usual and are fed up with the smug arrogance of the political class in Washington, DC.

Conservatives – myself included – hate Paul Ryan. His treachery revolts us; but we will just have to realize that throwing Ryan out would be a terrible first signal to Trump’s base, a base that is sick of the same old same old in Washington.

Ryan is safe for now because he will be put in a box by Donald Trump. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan who heads the Freedom Caucus in the House--essentially the TEA Party’s Caucus--will be looking over Ryan's shoulder.

Jordan and/or some other true conservative House member(s) will be reporting to President Trump regularly.

When Trump asks Ryan for his support, the president will start with “low hanging fruit;” the kind no one can raise any objections to.

Keeping a compliant Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House is not necessarily a bad thing.

Trump will make these immediate moves (though not necessarily in this order):

1) The US Marshall Service will raid and arrest the criminal, illegal alien gangsters in M-13 and deport or lock them up; and no one will complain.

2) Trump will turn to killing Obamacare; Ryan can't possibly move to block efforts to kill Obamacare. Ryan will hand Trump a “defund Obamacare” bill and trump will sign it.

3) Trump will convene a meeting of Insurance Company representatives and ask them to prepare a plan for the deconstruction of the awful ObamaCare monster and few outside of the now irrelevant media and Democrat aristocracy will complain.  In any event, such complaints will roll off Trump’s back as he will not be swayed by their propaganda.

4) Trump will move to fire IRS and VA system people who have acted illegally; and people will cheer.

5) Trump will kill as many job/business killing EPA rules as he can with just his pen.  Ryan will help him and both will be praised by Trump’s new rank and file Republicans.   

6) Trump will reverse Obama's clearly illegal Executive Orders to the sound of cheering everywhere but in the media whose approval he has proved he can do without.

7) Trump will ask Ryan to get him the funds to enact the 2006 law Congress already passed to build a wall.  George W. Bush will be exposed as a fraud for never having any intension of demanding the money for this bill.

8) The wall will be built and Trump will recover the money from Mexico. The media will mock him, making believe they don’t understand what he is doing, but they will not stop the wall. Trump will squeeze the money out of Mexico in trade deals.  Open Borders, Cheap labor Paul Ryan will have no choice but to smile and comply.

9) Ryan will not act to stop Trump because he understands that by joining with Trump he will go down in history as one of the most effective, if not THE most effective Speaker in history.  

 10) Once on a roll like this, Ryan won't be able to stop anything President Donald Trump wants to do. 

11) After a long fight that will include a filibuster, President Trump will convince the Senate of the dire need for the ninth Supreme Court justice the Democrats thought they would have been able to scare Mitch McConnell into giving them. Trump will be successful in placing a solid, young conservative on the court.

He will have a great first one hundred days.  

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