Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It's Strength of Character, Not Protests, that Make America Great

By Mike Dempsey, California Center for Self-Governence Student

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.” -Abraham Lincoln

What we are seeing in recent protests against the election of Donald Trump are children that have been influenced by a liberal academia, which is a product of the hard-core radicalism of 1960’s.  Ever since the 1970’s, when these radicals became professors, our universities have produced generations of graduates that are terminally callow, self-centered and petulant. Exhibit number one resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and as a result, we have endured this same sophomoric, selfish attitude for the last 8 years. Hopefully we will begin the transition to a sober realism which will restore some of the values and ideals of more mature generations.

“The premise of the founders that the voters would be able to see through nonsense has been trumped because nonsense has become a large part of the curriculum of our educational institutions.” - Thomas Sowell (paraphrased)

The recent protests are not a new phenomenon.  They are the manifestation of years of simmering nonsense and indoctrination. Many of the youngsters taking part are the product of generations of covert, ‘educated elite’ protesters from the 70’s and 80’s, who have been quietly spoon-feeding their students the same liberal mantras that were spewed on the steps of Berkeley and Harvard in the 60’s.  

“The number one problem of the ‘educated elite’ is that they acquired mostly unnecessary information, but not what was required to become a mature rational adult.” -Bob Earl

The current crop of protestors—paid or otherwise--are incensed because mature, rational adults got off their collective couches and went to the polls. These voters have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that common sense is not dead, as had been reported by various media outlets during the past year.  They are the purveyors of simple ideas such as…you can’t spend more than you make; illegal means precisely that and one does not normally invite the enemy to live with them.  You get the picture.

 "Some ideas are so stupid only intellectuals believe them."-George Orwell

As a result, the very fact that an openly racist organization could flourish in today’s society is testament to the hypocrisy of liberal indoctrination.  But enough about the Black Congressional Caucus, let’s talk about Black Lives Matter.  For this President to give them credibility by inviting them to the White House, not to mention embolden them in their open hatred and homicidal ranting against police and white Americans, is unconscionable.  This ad hoc endorsement of hatred, racism, rioting and violence is what we are seeing in the streets today. 

These protests are not really a 100% ‘organic’ or spontaneous as the press would have you believe.  A percentage may be naive young college kids participating out of self-righteousness and youthful passion, but the shills of nefarious financiers, such as Soros, are the real instigators. 

Fortunately for America, with this election, the last vestige of the Greatest Generation rose up and made the voice of sanity heard.       

Therefore, for those of us who served and who were prodigy of the Greatest Generation; for those men and women who wanted to serve but were denied; for those who benefitted from the fruits of the freedoms this great country provided; for those whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice, patriotism is not a punch line but a sacred reverence for honor and duty. It is a core value that will not produce a new paradigm, but reaffirm the Founding Father’s vision. 
The freedom to protest is not what makes America great. It is strength of character in the American people which has made America great…and will again.

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  1. Character counts as Quayle once quoted and Jesus made sure that repentance and faith and salvation = a new transformed character, spirit. Now when one views the national bunch of Dems, one wonders first if they are transformed in character to Jesus' way, or second if their character = anti American evil via our heritage, history and values? To me ,over 78 yrs. as a pastor and college prof,I view these people like Machen did in Christianity and Liberalism; they are neither good Christians nor are they patriots. Period.

  2. @Glenn--Over the years, the Democrat Party has become the party of the far left. Most 1950's and 1960's Dem Party leaders are spinning in their graves, seeing America-hating Marxists as the exclusive reps of a once patriotic party. In 2008, the left was writing an autopsy for the Republican Party. But thanks to Obama, the American public has begun to understand just how evil, corrupt and power hungry leftists are. The last 4 national elections have been huge wins for Republicans (if I could substitute Conservatives for Republicans it would be great). If the trend doesn't change in 2018 and 2020, the Democrat Party might become little more than a local party of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The decades-long assault by the left on Christians, gun owners and American patriots has taken its toll.