Saturday, November 26, 2016

Iran using Commercial Flights to Deliver Arms to Hezbollah

By Jim Emerson, staff writer
This week, intelligence reports submitted to the United Nations Security Council reported that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has allegedly been smuggling weapons on commercial flights to Hezbollah and other terrorists operating in Syria.  Weapons smuggling is a violation of two Security Council resolutions. The revelation has renewed focus on a congressional inquiry to re-implement sanctions on Iran that have been obstructed by the Obama administration since October
According to intelligence gathered, Iran was using its Mahan Airline to covertly deliver advanced weaponry to the terrorist forces in the region. The weapons were either delivered directly to Hezbollah via “commercial flights from Beirut or flown to Damascus and then loaded into trucks for the Terror groups.
Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Dannon, officially submitted the intelligence reports to the Security Council on Tuesday afternoon.  According to the report Iran’s Al-Quds Force packs weapons, ammunition and missile technology to Hezbollah in suitcases and loads them on Mahan Air flights. Since Iran is the primary supplier of arms and related materiel to Hezbollah, they are in blatant violation of numerous Security Council resolutions. Iran is Hezbollah’s chief patron having set up the terrorist group in the early 1980s. Since then the terrorist nation continually armed Hezbollah to carry out attacks against Israel and Western targets. At Iran’s request, Hezbollah has become deeply embroiled in the Syrian civil war, fighting in a Shiite alliance alongside Iranian forces, the Assad regime and Russia.

The disclosure of Iran’s violation comes as the United States Senate is expected to vote to renew sanctions on Iran for an additional decade. Earlier this week the House of Representatives voted to extend the Sanctions.  Senators, led by Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.), have been pushing Obama administration officials to explain why they are allowing Boeing and AirBus to sell commercial planes to Iran. Last September the Obama administration granted permission to the aircraft manufacturers to sell airliners to Iran in a deal worth some $50 billion, following the removal of sanctions against Iran.

Obama’s appeasement policy towards Iran—including the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions--is turning out to be a disaster.

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