Friday, November 11, 2016

George W. Bush, an Ass for All Seasons

By Doug Book, editor

Rather than support Donald Trump in the 2016 election, George W. Bush reportedly left the Select-a-president space blank and voted instead for down-ballot Republicans.  And he apparently had company as John McCain, Mitt Romney and W's father, George H.W. also refused to vote for Donald Trump.

But it’s not as though conservatives should be surprised. Given that the US counter-attack after 9/11 was mandatory, during 8 years in the Oval Office, George W. actually managed only 2 estimable acts…those being the nomination of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. And one of these decisions had to be forced upon him as the president had originally nominated his White House council, Harriet Myers, to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor. Thankfully, the resulting outcry was so deafening that Myers withdrew her name from consideration; Alito was then thrust upon W and the rest is history.  

Throughout his 2nd term, Bush was mercilessly castigated by the liberal media. Though the unwarranted attacks continued day after day for years, Bush chose to remain above it all by refusing to answer them. Of course, the damage done the Republican Party thanks to Bush’s silence was enormous. But no matter, for W had made the high ground his own. The dope.

The result of this pathetic, silent submission to years of unwarranted abuse was a Democrat blitz in the 2008 election, resulting in sufficient numbers in the United States Senate to ensure the passage of ObamaCare.  Thanks a heap, George.

This year, the calculated betrayal of the American people by W and other NeverTrumpers didn’t matter one bit as voters took up the banner from slack-jawed, GOPe politicos, put Donald Trump in the White House and ended decades of rule (we hope) by the arrogant, political class of both parties.

Will Trump actually follow through on the many promises he made the American electorate? I believe he will. For because his name and legacy are now on the line, Trump will NOT allow conservative Americans to define him in years to come as just another feckless Republican who cowered in the face of DC political pressure. His ample pride will not permit it.

So stick around for what promises to be one hell of an interesting first 100 days in office.

Come to think of it, we have a lot to thank Mr. Trump for already. In less than 1 year he managed to crush any future political aspirations of the Clinton family by removing from Bill and Hillary the one highly marketable tool of their trade---Power! Without any quid, there can never be any pro quo!

Thanks, Donald.

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