Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election Day will go down in history as “The Great Comeuppance of 2016”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This piece was originally posted on the Coach's Team in November of 2015. Please read it with glee and the anticipation which only a raft or truly satisfying comeuppances can produce.

The Great comeuppance of 2016 is coming.

Americans are burning to deliver an old-fashioned, ass-kicking comeuppance to a list of people and Donald Trump has been judged to be our best chance to make this happen.

This is why the “gotcha” questions and personal attacks that stop other candidates have no effect on Trump’s march forward. We don’t care; we want payback.

Webster’s defines “comeuppance” as “a punishment that someone deserves to receive.” In everyday terms we know “comeuppance” as “kicking ass and taking names” and that is what we want Trump to do for us.

Americans have had enough from a long list of people and sense we have one chance to elect someone who will turn the tables on those who are making our lives miserable.

Trump’s supporters want him to give a special comeuppance to these people:

The Republican Establishment which treats patriotic Republicans like idiots to be lied to and made fun of.

The media that lies with impunity and “selects” Republican punching bag candidates for abuse by Democrat Party thugs.  

ISIS, which thinks all Americans are Barack Obama and therefore willing victims, will get their comeuppance gift wrapped by President Trump.  

Mexico’s government, which has laughed at our laws and helped vicious gang members, rapists and murderers illegally sneak into our country for decades will be humiliated when Trump gives that third rate nation its comeuppance.  
China will learn the party is over and because of their cheating and stealing our intellectual property, will get their comeuppance.

Veterans Administration bureaucrats who have mistreated and watched our veterans die will get their comeuppance delivered by Trump.

The EPA which has destroyed the lives of so many people “because it can” will be at the wrong end of a richly deserved comeuppance.

IRS, the left’s wholly owned instrument of torture, which destroyed people and groups for trying to use their constitutionally guaranteed rights, will get a vigorous comeuppance. We want people like Lois Lerner to feel our rage.

For her arrogant, “What difference does it make?” attitude, Hillary Clinton is a special target for a severe comeuppance.

Amnesty billionaires will be slapped down and shown that money cannot buy the destruction of America.

Barack Obama, the smug, America-hating liar who has done everything he could to rub our noses in the dirt will get our 2016 comeuppance hand delivered by the election of Donald Trump.

I can hardly wait for the Great Comeuppance of 2016. 

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