Thursday, November 24, 2016

Breaking: Clinton Campaign Considers Challenging Trump’s Victory

The following piece was posted on November 22nd on the Gateway Pundit website. I’ve not yet seen it posted on Drudge or any other site. Will the Clinton campaign officially challenge the election results? Probably not.  But one can NEVER put ANYTHING past the radical left.

Prominent computer scientists from leading universities are urging the Clinton campaign to challenge the election results in three states.

The Clinton campaign participated in a conference call with the investigators in interest of challenging the election 2016 results.

Donald Trump won the election with 306 electoral votes.

The far left computer scientists have no proof the election results were tampered with but are speculating the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated.

Gabriel Sherman at New York Magazine reported:

Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.

Last Thursday, the activists held a conference call with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to make their case, according to a source briefed on the call. The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000. While it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review — especially in light of the fact that the Obama White House has accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee.

According to current tallies, Trump has won 290 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232, with Michigan’s 16 votes not apportioned because the race there is still too close to call. It would take overturning the results in both Wisconsin (10 Electoral College votes) and Pennsylvania (20 votes), in addition to winning Michigan’s 16, for Clinton to win the Electoral College. There is also the complicating factor of “faithless electors,” or members of the Electoral College who do not vote according to the popular vote in their states. At least six electoral voters have said they would not vote for Trump, despite the fact that he won their states.

The Clinton camp is running out of time to challenge the election…

…Some Clinton allies are intent on pushing the issue. This afternoon, Huma Abedin’s sister Heba encouraged her Facebook followers to lobby the Justice Department to audit the 2016 vote.

Hillary would have to pick up 38 electoral votes to win the election.

Keep the dream alive, Hillary supporters!


Trump has been officially declared the winner in Michigan by the Michigan Secretary of State. HOWEVER, Jill Stein--the Green Party Candidate--has been raising money for recounts in various states. She reportedly has some $3 million and will ask for recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and perhaps North Carolina, should she raise the remainder of the necessary funds prior to state recount deadlines. The reason for her recount requests--voting anomalies in the various states. She is NOT, repeat NOT shilling for the Clinton Campaign. Uh huh.  

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