Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Democrats’ are conducting a War on Christians and they are winning

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

During Barack Obama’s war on Hobby Lobby his administration said flatly; “We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their faith.”     

This is what they believe. This is how they see Christians.

This was the opening battle in the Democrats’ War on Christians. It was directed by a quintessential stereotypical Democrat. Their Christian attacks are usually led by phony “Catholics” so as to more easily deflect rightful criticism for their dirty business. Putative Catholic Kathleen Sebelius was joined in her war on Hobby Lobby by putative Catholic Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in what was fortunately a losing effort.   

Ultimately, Hobby Lobby won and was able to continue to honor their Christian faith instead yielding to Obama’s attack.  

Nevertheless, while the presence of now deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia helped Christians prevail in the Hobby Lobby case, with Scalia now gone we can be sure the Democrats will revisit that case to avenge their loss should they maintain the presidency.    

It is simply un-American; but the Democrats are carrying out a very effective war on Christians. They are winning everywhere they have control of state legislatures and because of the fecklessness of the Republicans, among agencies of the federal government.  

Throughout our nation’s history America has always made allowances for people with differing religious beliefs. In times of war we have allowed those whose religion forbids killing even in war to serve in alternative ways.

In many ways this treatment of minorities has made us a separate and better country than most others.

That era has been brought to an end by Democrats who are conducting a War on Christians.

This War extends to every conceivable corner of our everyday lives.
Over and over again Democrats are bullying harassing and even suing Christians to force us to yield to their secular ways of life. The want to force us to give up any trace of God in our lives.

They fire Christians for following their Christian faith rather than bow to their secular rules.        

They harass and expel Christians from school programs and even classes for standing up for Christian values against what the secular administrations want to force on Christians.

Even psychological counselors have been instructed to set aside their personal feeling as they are compelled to see patients whose lifestyles are in conflict what the Democrats approve of. Those who fight back are fired.   

Wedding photographers are sued out of business for daring to say no to customers wanting them to photograph gay weddings. Their personal feelings about gay marriage mean nothing to the Democrats as they pound away in their War on Christians.

We have one chance to stop this Democrat War on Christians. We must elect Donald Trump to end this siege on our way of life.

Go out and tell everyone you know that now is the time to stand and fight. Now is our chance to end this religious persecution for good.

Today is tomorrow or there will be no more tomorrows. 

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