Monday, October 24, 2016

Somebody at the Washington Post is lying about Trump’s support among Catholics

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After we have been insulted by another faked poll we have to keep in mind that Wikileaks just released an email from the Clinton camp discussing ways to use oversampling to build a false narrative that Hillary Clinton is pulling away.   

Donald Trump’s support among Catholics is at a record high level; and Hillary Clinton’s support among Catholics is at a record low. We know this because of a survey done by the Washington Post.

The latest Washington Post ABC News poll of Catholic likely voters said Trump is leading 50/34.  

So where is the lie? On October 7th   the results of a Washington Post/ABC News Langer Research survey were announced and showed Trump leading 57/33.  Notice that the Langer Research name is now missing. The link for that survey result was  but now guess what? That link has been pulled down.  It has been 404’ed.   

This is another example of the Washington Post and ABC News lying. This is no surprise since both of these “news outlets” are loaded with Democrat Operatives who were exposed by name by wikileaks.

They are trying to fool Catholics into believing we were not insulted or turned off to the Democrats by the wikileaks’ revelation that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, has been plotting with fake “Catholic” front groups to overthrow the authority of the Pope. They hope we are not smart enough to understand that this would destroy the Roman Catholic Church in America and by extension the world over.  

The Wikileaks drop of that email was released on Oct 12th but there is no evidence that that information had gotten to Catholics at the time that they were polled.  To the contrary, since that revelation several Catholic bishops have made serious negative comments about the plot and Cardinal Dolan of New York, an influential member of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has asked Hillary Clinton to apologize for the affront. Have you heard or read about that request or whether or not she did apologize? She has not apologized. By The Way this is day five since the cardinal asked for the apology we all know will never come.       

Since 1952 every Republican getting at least 50% of the Catholic vote has won election to the presidency. Only one Democrat has gotten as little as 39% that was the hapless Walter Mondale in his 49 state landslide loss to Ronald Reagan in 1984.  No winnowing Democrat candidate has ever gotten less than 47% putting Hillary Clinton, at best 13 points off the winning track.  
Of great importance is that as we have seen in so many other surveys, there is a sizable “undecided” factor (16 points) in this survey of Catholics. If Trump merely splits that number he moves to 58/42 which will give me a big advantage. It would put Trump at the second highest level for a Republican with Catholics and put Clinton at the second lowest level for a Democrat with Catholics. 

Can anyone reasonably assert that once the impact of the Podesta plot against the Catholic Church begins to sink in it will be damaging to Clinton?  Can anyone say Trump’s calling Clinton a Catholic hater at the Al Smith dinner on Thursday night did not help spread the word about Clinton’s plot?  Isn’t it logical that Trump’s numbers among Catholics would go up and Clinton’s would go down among Catholics?  
Trump at the Al Smith dinner

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