Thursday, October 6, 2016

Police ordered to run away from armed criminals in Los Angeles

By Doug Book, Editor

In left-wing Los Angeles, where defending oneself with a firearm is strictly frowned upon by the upper crust (after all, that’s what highly paid body guards are for) it has now been decided that police officers must run away like frightened children rather than challenge anyone brandishing a deadly weapon. In short, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department—Angelino’s first and last line of defense in the MAY issue, concealed carry license State of California—have been instructed to allow armed lunatics to go their merry way, attacking defenseless citizens, before confronting and threatening them with potential harm!

Such was the decision last month of the Los Angeles Police Commission, a 5 member board appointed by the mayor. Composed of individuals with NO law enforcement experience, the Board of Police Commissioners " the head of the Los Angeles Police Department. They set the overall policy while the Chief of Police manages the daily operations of the Department and implements the Board’s policies and goals.”  

The Board’s policy decision came about after “a female suspect, armed with an 8 to 9-inch knife, charged at officers, repeatedly ignored commands to stop, and was recorded yelling ‘shoot me’ as she swung her knife from side to side.”  Both the officer whose life was being immediately threatened by the “suspect” and his partner, standing just a few feet away, shot her after she had rapidly closed the 70 foot distance between them and her blade to just 3 feet.

And no, there isn’t any dispute over the facts of the case. The Board agreed that videotaped evidence proved everything had happened in exactly the way officers had described.

So why would the Board demand that the officers involved be charged criminally; claiming quite incorrectly that they had violated department rules for the use of deadly force because they failed to “redeploy” in order to “create distance” between themselves and the suspect? Why? Because the “[victim’s] family and local activists want the officer[s] to be charged criminally,” that’s why. This admission by the Los Angeles Times makes it clear that neither the facts of the case nor adhering to written department policy governing the use of deadly force make a damned bit of difference to far left, anti-cop activists.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League neatly summed up the effects of this and other activist assaults against police officers across the nation by correctly cautioning cops with: “You can save your life or save your job, but you cannot do both. You choose.”

And who do you suppose the Los Angeles Police Commission will choose to blame when a couple of innocents are killed because a copper obeyed the new policy rule and ran away rather than immediately confronting a gang member armed with a rifle?

Anybody wanna guess?

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