Friday, October 21, 2016

Media may deny it, but NFL boycotters are Trump supporters voting with their remotes

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The disrespect for America shown by some NFL players has given Donald Trump supporters a chance to “vote early” and they are taking it.

Another NFL week has passed and the boycott of viewers has actually picked up steam. By one account, available data shows a 30% drop in viewership for Monday night’s game between “Somebody and Who cares?”  

Naturally the leftists in sports writing are telling us it’s the bland product or the movement to appliances they can’t track that are causing the steep drop in viewership and “blah blah blah;” anything but the truth. Apparently, sports writers missed the fact that Forty Niners’ quarterback and Black Lives Matter fan Colin Kaepernick was roundly booed by Buffalo fans both before and during the game last Sunday.  

To keep up their assignment from the Ministry of Information, sports "journalists" are forced to dance around the truth; and the truth in their cell is tougher to deny.

Since they won’t ask them, here are the answers to the questions they should be asking.

Who watches NFL games; who are Trump’s supporters and how to they lineup?  

NFL games are watched by fans who are 70% over 35; 78% White and 59% make less than $75,000 a year.

Men are slightly over-represented in the NFL fans demographics when compared to women, with 55% of the total 150 million strong demographic being male.   

The annual income of 26% of NFL fans is $40,000 or less.

The 55+ age demographic is the largest percentage of the NFL fans demographics at 37%. Another 34% of NFL fans are in the 35-54 age demographic.

And social media? “The NBA finals averages 26.7 million tweets over the course of a 4-7 game final. In comparison, the Super Bowl in just one game generates over 26 million tweets on average;” hence the success of “#boycttnfl” and similar hashtags.

An article written by a liberal in 2014 said, “The numbers reflect the values of white conservative males. No professional sport looks more overtly macho than the NFL…”   

Of people who identified themselves as part of the NFL fan base, 83 percent were white, 64 percent  were male, 51 percent were 45 years or older, only 32 percent made less than $60,000 a year and…“ to finish the point, registered Republicans were 21 percent more likely to be NFL fans than registered Democrats.”

Note in just 2 years women are now 45% of the fan base while just 36% in 2014.

A July, New York Times article says, “In some new polls that are showing Mr. Trump with an overall lead, he has even larger leads among white, working-class voters. A Monday CNN poll, for instance, had him ahead by three percentage points nationwide with a 66-to-29 edge among this group.  

“The last live interview poll to show Mr. Trump ahead before the convention, an ABC/Washington Post poll, showed Mr. Trump with a 65-to-29 lead among the group. Conversely, Mrs. Clinton leads when she holds down her losses among these voters….”

“The answer lies with a group that still represented nearly half of all voters in 2012: White voters without a college degree and particularly White men without a degree.”

The answer the media is avoiding is: Trump’s supporters are leading the NFL boycott because their conservative values are offended. This is not insignificant. It is yet another sign of enthusiasm for the things Trump stands for and this sign of enthusiasm is growing not shrinking.  

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