Friday, October 7, 2016

Langer Research (WaPo/ABC News) shows Trump with record high support from Catholics

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It has not been talked about in the media, but Donald Trump has a huge lead among Catholics.

We know the media and Democrats are desperate; we know they are telling any lie and hiding every bit of good news for Trump they possibly can. His lead among Catholics is the biggest, smothered data item so far.  

Finding the truth is very difficult but not impossible. A Washington Post/ABC News Langer Research survey quietly released last week contained some very good news for Trump. It said he is leading among White men 65/25 and just down 44/46 among White women.

Yet a through reading of Langer’s report provides news that is of “A –BOMB” quality. Hidden on page seven of the Langer Research report is a data item that could be almost as important as the “White men” item.

For it’s here that Langer says Trump is getting the support of 57% of Catholics while Clinton can count on just 33% of the Catholic vote.     

Since 1952, Catholics have supported Democrats in all but three election. The 57% for Trump has only been exceeded twice by a Republican. No Democrat has ever gotten as few as 33% of the Catholic vote, with the previous low being 39%.  Each time the Catholic vote has gone to the Republican candidate, he has won. Trump’s Catholic vote even exceeds the 22 point victory Ronald Reagan enjoyed in 1984 with Catholics. 

Year after year Catholics have been about 25% of those voting in both presidential and mid-term elections. If Trump takes 57% of the Catholic vote he will have gotten more Catholic votes than eight winning Republican candidates since 1952 by an average of 11 points.

If Catholics are 25% of the electorate and he takes 57% of this group’s vote it will give Trump 14.25 points of votes.  Clinton’s 33% of the Catholic vote will give her 8.25 points and leave her 6 points behind.

It is worth noting that four important states that are being identified as “Toss ups” have Catholic populations of 25% or more. These states are Pennsylvania, 27% (so designated by The Fix – Washington Post’s political column); Minnesota 25%; Florida 26% and Wisconsin 29% as designated by the Real Clear Politics Electoral College Vote map.  


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