Saturday, October 29, 2016

In his response to the FBI reopening the Clinton email investigation, Rush got too cute by half

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Immediately after the news broke that FBI Director James Comey had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of emails containing state secrets, most people recognized it was a serious threat to Clinton’s campaign. 

For nearly everyone, news like this says Clinton will be thrust onto defense and it will make each new attack on Donald Trump appear to be merely a lame attempt to deflect from her own serious problems. 

Enter Rush Limbaugh. Instead of letting the story unfold on its own, Rush thought it was a good time to remind us of how smart he thinks he is. He used a flimsy scenario which began with, “The cynic would say…” and then he went on to describe this “hypothetical cynic” saying, “This is just a way to get Wiki leaks off the front pages” – as if Wiki leaks on the front pages was a widespread phenomenon. It is not.

In truth this development could more correctly be compared to Hillary Clinton going to a doctor and having a conversation in which the Doctor says, “Hillary I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first.” “Oh give me the good news, doctor I can sure use some,” she responds.

“Well,” continues the doctor, “I was wrong about your heart condition. You are not in immediate danger of death from a heart attack.” 

“Great!” Hilary says, “But what’s the bad news?”

The doctor looks down at the floor and says, “You have terminal cancer and won’t live another week.” 

There is no way this news actually pushes the Wiki leaks out of people’s consciousness. We have had twenty wiki drops. Voters have been getting news of Wiki leaks drops for weeks and the media had to be dragged kicking and screaming to start posting stories about Wiki leaks. If they stop now, voters who already don’t trust the media will laugh at them when they try to pivot to a new attack on Trump. Public demand for Wiki leaks news has become the Genie out of the bottle – a bell that cannot be un-rung; and while it will never be front page news at the New York Times, it is not going away.  

By trying to be “Oh so erudite,” Rush has muddied what is a classic example of Occam’s razor which holds, “The simplest explanation for some phenomenon is more likely to be accurate than more complicated explanations."    

Put another way; sometimes a banana is just a banana and nothing more.  Hillary Clinton has been wrapped in flypaper and will be on defense all the way out to Election Day. There is nothing complicated about that.


  1. I was really surprised that Rush immediately came out with such a cynical explanation, but then, we have spent years seeing Obamas and Clintons corruption and crimes go unpunished, so why should we get our hopes up again?

    1. A good question. And what will come of this during the next 10 days? The media will end its speculation pretty quickly, I should think. So how much real harm will be done the Clinton campaign unless new revelations come out? Julian Assange claims to have a doozie in the wings, ready to be revealed soon. But conservatives have been promised bombshells capable of downing Democrat candidates before and none have played out. It will still come down to whether voter turnout for Trump will be sufficient to overcome the massive voter fraud already taking place.

  2. You mean Occam's razor, not "Occum's".

    1. Right. My first mistake in nearly 20 minutes.