Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exposed “journalists” are hearing and seeing what we have felt about them for years

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

From the beginning of the TEA party movement in 2009, my branch of the movement from my town made all of the gatherings in Washington DC. Traveling by bus with no driving worries gave us time to discuss what our aims should be.

We determined the first aim was to make the Democrats fear us. In our town we did that by beating a Democrat incumbent who had the backing and support of every union in the city and was allowed to vote against some of the worst liberal crap in an effort to fool us.

It didn’t work. We worked ten hours a day for the last seven weeks including Election Day and won. That was 2010 and clearly we made the Democrats scared. They moaned about “The TEA party” all day and night.

Our next target was the Republicans. We did what we could for the next four years but many of us – myself and my wife included – finally got the message that the Republicans thought they could do without us and we left. Jeb Bush even said as much.

That goal had to be put on hold, but it has roared back to the forefront and Republicans are finally scared of us. We’ll deal with them in two weeks.

The last goal was overcoming the media. Frankly, I held out no hope of ever getting near winning this one. Nevertheless, into each life a Black Swan occasionally lands. The media's Black Swan is the Wiki leaks.

Because of Wiki leaks we now have proof the media is even worse than we could have imagined. We know now that even Fox News has at least four Democrat operatives.

We have the names of 65 of these people that are Democrat media operatives.

At Trump rallies we are mocking and menacing our enemies in the media. We are boycotting CNN and the Megyn Kelly Show.

The little snowflakes in the media are frightened. They tweet that they are. Could they possibly not know that people don’t like being lied to and made fun of behind their backs? What did they expect to happen when we found out the truth?

As the old saying goes: They can dish it out but they can’t take it; now they will have to.

I ask Trump supporters who attend a Trump rally to point at the media quislings and laugh in their two faces.

It’s our turn to enjoy being in the driver’s seat.

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