Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chicago police told to “reduce controversies;” never mind 50% climb in murder rate

By Doug Book, Editor

Last month, the Los Angeles Police Commission--which sets policy for the Los Angeles police department--ordered officers to run away rather than confront armed aggressors. Written by agenda driven mayoral appointees, the new order is designed to placate Jesse Jackson, Black Lives Matter and others who prefer the death of police officers to that of armed Blacks suspects.   

Never to be outliberaled by fellow political hucksters in other Democrat-run cities, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered the formation of the Police Accountability Task Force,  its mission, to manufacture rules guaranteed to place Chicago’s police officers in lose-lose situations; that is, lose your life by adhering to the new policies, lose your job if you don’t.  

And now, the 190 page report created by Rahm’s Task Force is complete; its stated purpose, “Restoring Trust between the Chicago Police and the Communities they Serve.”  In a moment of unintended candor, the Chicago Tribune rightly defined Task Force offerings on the Department use of force as a means of “reducing controversies.”   Nothing about effective policing or protecting the public from armed thugs. Of course, Trib authors failed to ask Rahm how Chicago police are to effectively and proactively fight crime when the department is undermanned by some 3000 officers, betrayed by city politicians and police leadership and perpetually castigated by mindless “journalists.” 

“What Have They Wrought,” asks the October 7th, Second City Cop website about the consequences when police officers are regularly the victims of “…a biased media narrative, political support for a racist terror organization, a ‘community’ that has been catered to for any outrageous behavior and the complete lack of leadership throughout the upper echelon of the Department.”  

For cops have been forced to fight crime from a “defensive crouch,” loath to transgress against ever-changing policies which require that they “…use the least amount of force necessary" in order to refute asinine claims that Chicago's finest have no regard for the "sanctity of life.”  

How impossible has it become for officers to get through their day? According to Chicago Police Superintendent Ed Johnson, “the proposed [use of force] rules are geared toward giving options to officers to avoid using heavy force, even if state law or legal precedent would allow it.” (my emphasis) Now isn’t that lovely! Officers may react to life and death situations in a manner deemed thoroughly legal by a court of law, yet still lose their job, perhaps even face prosecution and jail time thanks to the vagaries of political correctness and the whims of its agenda driven administrators.

Yet Mayor Rahm is shocked that the 2016 murder rate is up 50% over 2015 statistics.  Incredible.

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