Monday, October 24, 2016

Another dispatch from the ENTHUSIASM FRONT LINES; cheating in online polls reveals Clinton’s problem

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This is the opening line from the conservative website in its response to the initial lopsided vote for Hillary Clinton after the third presidential debate last Wednesday night: “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has overtaken Hillary Clinton on a Breitbart debate poll, despite a stream of overseas Clinton bots skewing the results in favor of the Democratic nominee.”

Let that set in; they used electronic “bots” to vote against Trump. They HAD to do that because they KNEW there is NO ENTHUSIASM FOR HILLARY CLINTON; so they had to manufacture enthusiasm with an electronic trick to make up for the short fall they knew was coming.
Left flexing its muscles

When Hillary Clinton got wiped out across all online polls (except for a few that registered less than a couple hundred votes) after the first presidential debate, they knew their worst fears about her enthusiasm gap were true. As the numbers came in it became abundantly clear that nobody is excited about her.

Moreover, any doubt about this problem’s existence was blown away when Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Tim Kaine was crushed under a 95/5 vote on the biggest poll.

So the Left did what it is all about – they cheated to try to win. But the enthusiasm gap has apparently grown so large that they had to pick just a few sites to try to “fix” in Clinton’s favor.  They went after the number one conservative site’s poll, the one run by

The story picks up with the continuation of Breitbart’s response, “The original results of the poll were gleefully reported by networks such as CNN, who claimed the far-right website Breitbart surprisingly had Hillary Clinton winning the final presidential debate by 6 points early on Thursday.

“However, Breitbart can now reveal that the poll was actually infiltrated by foreign IP addresses, with thousands of votes coming from countries such as Romania, Germany and South Korea, who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton as the winner of the final presidential debate.

“Yet despite the influx of Clinton bots, who managed to skew the poll into suggesting Clinton had a 6-point lead, Trump has since overtaken her, regaining an 8-point lead in a poll of nearly 300,000 people (and bots.) When only taking into account votes from American IP addresses, Trump has a lead of 71 per cent to Clinton’s 29 per cent.

“Polling from across the night has so far proved inconclusive. A Washington Post debate poll suggested Trump won the debate - 77 per cent thought he was the winner compared to 17 percent who believed the winner was Clinton, - whilst a Drudge Poll delivered a result of 75 per cent to 25 per cent in favor of Trump.”

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