Monday, October 10, 2016

American culture and Islam

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

America has become a divided country. Externally there are threats that can do damage to the American people on a level which could change our culture. Many understand that globalists are working to force America into a “One World Order” that would do away with the sovereignty of the nation.

There are also internal threats. Groups like Black Lives Matter are being supported by globalist thug George Soros who has made use of willing accomplices in this administration.  It’s frustrating to listen to those who foment fear, suspicion and intolerance,” said DHS director Jeh Johnson.  Many are people “who don’t know the mistakes of history and are in the midst of repeating them. Have faith that the character of the American people, as a whole, is such that in the end, in the end, we will choose not to drink this brand of soiled milk.”

And then there is Islam.

Islamists have been waging war against those they consider infidels for 1,400 years. I would think a majority of Americans who are paying attention are suspicious of those whose only belief is that all unbelievers must die. Of course, we have CAIR and other “moderate” Muslim organizations screaming Islamophobia at anyone willing to expose their true agenda. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “It isn’t Islamophobia if they really want to kill you.”

A moderate Muslim is one who only watches as Jihadists kill and dismember, rape and burn to death those who do not conform to the standards of Allah. From our President to members of the Muslim Brotherhood, this administration will continue to make excuses for the damage they and their fellow Islamists have done. Over half of the Muslims in this country believe we should live under Sharia. They can find nothing wrong with jihad. Obama-our Muslim in Chief-and Queen Hillary both want to import even more, non-vetted refugees.  Whether it is to support the continuing degradation of the cultural norms on which this country was built or to create chaos like that being experienced in Europe is irrelevant. It is up to the American people to rise up and say, “No More.”

It is long past time that the people who built this country pay attention to the fact that the Obama administration does not care about the American public. Democrats and Republicans alike seem more interested in getting re-elected and making money. The refugee “crisis” is being pushed by organizations that are paid millions of dollars by the federal government. They will continue to demand more money for more refugees and with the help of Obama and his minions, will provide benefits, paid for by the American people to the terrorists who hate us.

ISIS has proudly admitted it is embedding terrorists among the Islamic refugees. A one percent rate creates 100 killers among 10,000 of Obama’s Middle Eastern refugees. A far smaller number were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

It is apparent that Barack Obama is deliberately importing Islamic terrorists into the United States. And it is up to the American people to demand that the practice end. I will not say that we must prevent all Muslims entering the country, but there has to be vetting and a confidence that those that we let in will assimilate to our way of life. This is the way it has always been and is the only way our nation will survive.

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