Wednesday, September 7, 2016

With the Clintons, everything--including national security--has always been for sale

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Recently we learned that Hillary Clinton conducted a swap shop in her State Department office where everything including positions on sensitive committees, regardless of credentials, was for sale.

We could almost imagine the phone conversations between Hillary and her customers, “You’re on a terrorist watch list but need some vital secret information? Just a moment, let me see what that’s going for today – you know, the price for such accommodations changes all the time.” 

Unfortunately this is nothing new for the Clintons. When Bill Clinton was in the White House he was not only a sexual deviant, but a huckster who would sell anything he controlled.  He sold the closing of one of the largest clean coal fields on earth in Utah to the Riady family who are Indonesian Muslims and own the largest such clean coal field in the world.  

The Clintons sold a plot in Arlington Cemetery to a fake “war hero” who had been a big donor to the Democrats. The affair surrounded the burial of Larry Lawrence who lied about his World War II service. That whole thing stunk so badly that Lawrence’s lying carcass had to be dug up and hauled out of the place of national honor as the disgrace he was.   

These stories pale in comparison to the Loral Space Communications treason Clinton committed. In 1996, with the Clintons in dire need of money for their reelection, they sold the rights to giving sensitive classified missile guidance technology to the Chinese. The story is as follows: The Maryland based company was selling technology to the Chinese when something went wrong with one of their missiles. The faulty technology the Chinese government bought from Loral caused a crash that killed 200 people. The Chinese wanted some compensation and Loral’s owner agreed to sell them certain technology which was not cleared for sale by the NSA.  Seeing only dollar signs, Bill Clinton overruled the NSA and allowed the sale. This technology was then used by the Chinese to build the Dong Feng 21A missiles which can destroy an aircraft carrier with a crew of 500 using only a single shot. The Clintons received a mere $1.5 million for selling this technology to an enemy country. They will sell anything.    

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