Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tim Kaine is far worse than the average Democrat

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The stooge that Hillary Clinton selected as her running mate is a carbon copy of her. Democrat Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has a long and disgusting history of being on the wrong side of issues vitally important to everyday Americans. As a Democrat he was a big tax and spend Governor in Virginia, but Kaine is still worse than the average Democrat. He has a long track record of siding against our safety and demanding that Barack Obama bring in 65,000 more Muslim warriors disguised as “refugees” to murder, rape and degrade us at will.

Last year Kaine joined with 13 other Senators (all Democrats of course)  in an effort headed by Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar and Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin to ask Obama to admit the additional 65,000--mostly Sunni Muslim warriors--from Syria. Even holding aside any feigned “humanitarian” purpose to this madness, a simple look at the differences between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims proves the Sunni are those who are more willing to kill us to please their god Allah. Even the New York Times has referred to this bunch of subversives as the Jihadi Caucus. 

This shameful demand of special treatment for America’s most determined enemies is nothing new for Tim Kaine. While preparing to run for Governor of Virginia, he openly courted the votes of terrorist supporting Muslim groups and even just weeks after the 9/11 sneak attack, stood on a stage with Jamal Barzinji, a man named by Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch as a “founding father of the US Muslim Brotherhood. Between 2003 and 2005 Barzinji’s organization donated $43,050 to Kaine’s campaign for governor and gave another $257,000 to the Virginia Democrat Party which then funneled at least some of it back to Kaine.    

In 2007, as a blatant “in your face” to America, Kaine appointed Mahdi Bray, a Baptist convert to Islam and convicted mail fraud thief to the Virginia Commission on Immigration. Bray was also the president of the Muslim American Society and a man who had made a video accusing Israel of genocide and exhorting Muslims to practice jihad. Tim Kaine is worse than the average Democrat.

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