Sunday, September 11, 2016

The hidden benefit of Trump getting 20% of the Black vote you might not have considered

BY Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 2002, John Thune lost a South Dakota US Senate race by 524 votes after being ahead by 3,729 votes at 3:41 a.m. with no counties containing Indian reservations having reported.  Then a “suspicious” batch of votes for incumbent Democrat Tim Johnson came in from the state’s Indian reservations. They amounted to 4253 votes and Thune lost by a handful of votes.

In 2004 Thune tackled an even bigger target when he challenged Democrat Senator Leader Tom Daschle. This time things were different. This time Thune reached out to Russell Means, the leader of the American Indian Movement and a very influential man in Indian circles. 

Reports that leaked out about their conversation indicated that Means assured Thune there would be no voter fraud on the reservations.  Means campaigned to his fellow Native Americans saying that a vote for Daschle is a vote for business as usual and that only means more unemployment, alcoholism, violence and suicide.

This is essentially the message Donald Trump delivers to African Americans.

Much has been made of the fact that Trump could get as much as 20% of the Black vote. On its face this does not look like a big deal. It still means Hillary Clinton wins by a wide margin and locks up several key states’ Electoral College votes.

Nevertheless, the value of a Trump surge to 20% of the Black vote has to include an on-the-ground precinct to precinct effect. If Trump can manage 20% of the Black vote that will give him hundreds of thousands of new converts to Republican support. 

Just as converts to a religion or political Party, these people will be zealous and willing to help in any way they can. This group will become Trump’s poll watchers who will keep voter fraud to a reasonable level; they will not win Harlem or Bedford Stuyvesant for Trump – no one can; but their presence will keep the crooks from reporting 115% of registered voters having voted and all for Clinton.   

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