Monday, September 12, 2016

Here’s Lil’ Billie Krystol’s SS NeverTrump’s motley crew of misfits, never was and never will Be’s

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

We hear so much about the NeverTrump “Republicans” who are so principled they have to support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in order to save America. The Atlantic magazine has published a list of some of them.  Here we go:

Mitt Romney: A loser in every way; abandoned us and the fight for the last six weeks of his loser’s campaign and gave us Barack Obama for another four years.

Karl Rove: is UNDECIDED Does anyone really care?

Larry Pressler:  Who?

Michael Bloomberg: Failed gun grabber who didn’t have the courage to enter the race – who cares?)

Sally Bradshaw:  Aid to Yeb Bush; so what? 
Yeb Bush
Marc Racicot: Ran away from Montana when he could have saved its senate seat.

Vin Weber:  Surprising, but Hey, K Street will always be there for Weber if he is NeverTrump.

Gordon Humphrey: Called Trump a “sociopath.”  Hey Gordie, Trump is up 14 in your state of New Hampshire.  

Chris Shays: Never really was a Republican and his full support of Clinton proves it.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: An imbecile who will write-in Yeb’s name; who cares? Born in Cuba she should recognize socialism but doesn’t.

Richard Hanna: Retiring weenie sucking up to K Street.

Adam Kinzinger:  Breast beating moron can’t support Trump because Trump insulted NATO – really honestly?!

Bob Dole: Poor baby now he’s stuck out in the cold because of  the Trump surge.

Scott Rigell: No guts – not running sucking up to K Street.

Reid Ribble Hey Reid baby Trump is leading in your home state Wisconsin – you might want to rethink your “principled” opposition.  

Ted Cruz: Losing in his home state. Free advice ; Teddy just shut up and lick your wounds.

Susan Collins:  Trump will win Maine anyway; just shut up you phony disgrace to my name.
Ben Sasse:  A snot nosed kid still wait outside of Cruz’s house for Canadian Ted to come out so they can play politics before it gets too dark on a school night.

Mark Kirk: When polls showing Trump winning Illinois start coming in he will beg Trump to campaign for him. The schmuck says he will write in Colon Powell.

Mike Lee:  Knows is friend Canadian Ted is not an honorable man doesn’t know what is more important Teddy’s hurt feelings or  saving America so he’s not worth much.

Jeff Flake: An aptly named jerk who wants to put his “principles” over saving America from Hillary Clinton.

Dean Heller: Will crawl back as days go on and Trump moves out further and further.

Lisa Murkowski: Says she is undecided like a teenage girl waiting for Trump to ask her to the prom. Don’t buy the dress Lisa, Trump will win Alaska with or without you.

John Kasich: Does anyone care? Trump wins Ohio anyway.

Brian Sandoval: Was supporter now cannot decide if the judge from La Raza’s feeling are more important than saving America from Hillary Clinton.

Charlie Baker: Charlie baby Trump aint winning Massachusetts so say what you have to.
Larry Hogan: Larry, politics isn’t selling used cars. If you jump wrong you might not be in a good place next January.

Richard Armitage: Does anyone care?

Brent Scowcroft: Part of the reason we are in such national security danger, he has some nerve even speaking in public.

Hank Paulson: Bush’s failed Treasury Secretary; part of the reason we owe so damned much money.   

Michael Chertoff:  Part of the reason we are in so much national security danger today – he also has a nerve complaining about Trump.

Michael Hayden: A four star fake security “expert” sat with his thumb up his ash watching the world turn against us. The fact that he would back Clinton over Trump disqualifies him from even offering an opinion.  

John Negroponte: Another dope faking it. What tangible accomplishment does he have? The answer is none, which is why he is supporting Hillary Clinton a fellow do nothing.

William Ruckelshaus: Who?

William Reilly: This is exactly the type of skunk Trump wouldn’t want to support him.

Carlos Gutierrez who?

George P. Shultz: I heard he has a tattoo on his butt beyond that who cares what he says?

Paul Wolfowitz: Who cares?

Charles Fried: Harvard professor do you need more?

Bill Kristol: The captain of the SS NeverTrump he is softening because he knows he is in trouble.

Ross Douthat: New York Times columnist need more?

Erick Erickson A true lying sack of dung, this jerk thinks attacking Trump is putting country over Party when in reality it is just the opposite.  Rickie thinks he’s fooling us.

Leon Wolf:  Don’t know who this is and don’t care, next quisling!

George Will  A little man who thinks little thoughts because his  bowtie cuts off the blood supply to his brain.

Charles Krauthammer:  Does anyone really care what the Faux News “all -star” really thinks about anything? He’s just not smart enough to realize the danger we are in as a nation.

Joe Scarborough: Biggest accomplishments include being a dead ringer for the half-witted banjo boy in Deliverance and slinking away from is Congressional office after a female staffer was found dead at her desk.

Glenn Beck: An un-medicated manic depressive who lies as well as a Clinton like telling his audience he is going blind. Stabby The Clown Beck threatened to stab Trump to death.  

Max Boot: An important person? Where? In which country? This moron thinks Trump is a bigger threat than ISIS.  

Robert Kagan: He backs Clinton because the ash hole thinks THAT is how to save America – Where do these people come from?

Bret Stephens: Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist which means the liars in the media think he is a great liar. I never heard of him and don’t know why I should know who he is.  

Greg Mankiw Harvard professor – need I say more?

Lanhee Chen: A Mittens Romney boot licker and token “conservative” at Sanford.

Meg Whitman: Poor dumb woman doesn’t understand what charter in a person means so she confuses a criminal with an honest man and comes out supporting the criminal.  

Seth Klarman: Edge fund billionaire working to elect Clinton because he knows he can’t buy Trump and with Hillary everything is for sale.

Mike Fernandez Cuban who is a Bush man. Someone taught this man lies about American history as he believes Trump is like Hitler so he would rather have a proved lying criminal as president- what a dunce! 

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