Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dishonest media FINALLY asking “The E for ENTHUSIASM” question and the answer is: Trump landslide

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The number of people who will truthfully answer questions about their voting intentions has sunk to less than 10%. Because of this sharp drop, pollsters have had to rely on a different metric to pull out of people what is needed to make an educated guess about how an election is likely to turn out. That new metric is the level of enthusiasm for each candidate as found among his/her supporters. 

Up to this point, pollsters have largely avoided asking the enthusiasm question because they know darned well that the answers they get will not be helpful to their main objective which is electing Hillary Clinton. But with the surge in the polls that Donald Trump is now enjoying, it has finally become impossible for the media-run polls to avoid asking “The E Question.”  

In its treatment of The E Question a recent article in The Hill Online tries to soften the blow to Hillary’s campaign as it discusses the relative levels of enthusiasm for each candidate. The piece makes the claim that a good ground game is just as important as enthusiasm. Let them hold on to that straw if they wish, but examining the E Question findings of three, large, media controlled polling outfits would appear to be far more revealing of the truth.

CNN/ORC noted that more than 20% of Clintons “supporters” were “not at all enthusiastic” about voting for her while less than 10%  of Trump’s supporters said the same thing.  

They found 58% of Trump’s supporters are either “extremely” or “very” enthusiastic about supporting him but only 46% of Clinton’s backers say the same.  
No WONDER people are enthusiastic!

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found Trump leading in enthusiasm among his backers by a 46/33 spread; and a New York Times/CBS survey found Trump leading in the same metric by a count of 45/36.

This average enthusiasm spread of 11.3 percent in Trump’s favor is pure electoral gold as it portends a 55/44 landslide victory for him while begging the question: “How could anyone ever have thought that Hillary Clinton could beat Donald Trump?”    

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