Monday, September 26, 2016

Democrat hits new low; demands GOP double amputee war hero opponent “stand behind your own ads.”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Randy Perkins is a typical Democrat. He will say anything, insult anyone and mock anyone, even a double amputee war hero if he thinks it will get him elected.

Brian Mast is his Republican opponent in the race to fill the 18th CD seat in Florida being vacated by another Democrat who is running for higher office.

Like all Democrats in politics, Perkins doesn’t do patriotism well. Reverence for America and the heroes that keep our nation safe is just not in their DNA. Perkins’ insult and lower than low remark came during a candidate’s debate that the Democrat apparently realized he was losing.

Brain Mast has the type of story that is very familiar to those who have had the privilege to be associated with the great Americans who willingly step up to keep us safe.

He grew up learning the virtue of patriotism and sacrifice to keep America free. When Brian volunteered to join the Army he went still further and became a member of an elite bomb removal unit. In 2010 Brian’s life changed forever when he stepped on an IED that blew off his legs below the knees.

Nevertheless, warriors like Brain are not easily stopped; they will usually get back up again and Brian has. Let’s help this warrior out with our prayers and donations at

During their debate, when the topic got around to Perkins’ history and the Democrats’ pay to play schemes he lost his composure and growled: “You’ll let the [National Republican Congressional Committee] do your dirty work for you, but you’re not man enough to stand behind your own ads so be a man and stand behind your own ads.”

“I’m constantly a man,” Mast replied. We’d expect nothing less from a great American warrior.

These two men are polar opposites; Randy Perkins is the type that has been making everything worse in American for decades; Brain Mast is the kind of man who will bring the changes we need to save our country. He has proved himself in combat; let’s send him to Congress to fight for us once again.   

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