Monday, September 5, 2016

Author of Book on History of the Democratic Party urges Trump to Prepare for Voter Fraud!


Q) You launched your book The Dirty Locked Away History of The Democrat Party on July 19th-why is that date important?

A) 75 years ago to the day we launched this book--July 19th, 1941, Churchill delivered his famous V for Victory campaign in Great Britain and all across Europe. Churchill wanted to urge the British and millions of those under Nazi subjugation to keep alive the hope of victory in their hearts despite Nazi successes, despite their fierce brutality, discouraging odds and implacable propaganda machine.  Then the free world faced a very bleak struggle and a determined enemy. In many respects America is still besieged and although it may not seem so dire, it actually is. Hillary Clinton is one of the most ruthless, power hungry people America has ever known. She was, in many respects, the bite to Bill Clinton´s bark. She ran smear campaigns complete with investigators and dirty tricksters at the ready to destroy people´s reputations just because they told the truth about Bill´s uncontrolled lust and its evil consequences. She has no moral compass save what is in it for her and her agenda. This couple sold everything from a plot in Arlington Cemetery to missile technology to the Red Chinese.  Hillary Clinton turned our State Department into a swap shop.

Q) Tell us about the Democrats

A) The Democrats have been far worse than the average person can imagine. Over the past 200 years the Democrat Party has been home to the worst cheats and crooks in our society. They promoted slavery; plotted to take over 1/3 of our country to form a new slave holding empire; they founded the infamous Tammany Hall in New York City which is the incubator of the criminal ring that would metastasize into a national Party with tentacles in every facet of American life. The Democrats even used slaves in our White House and took up arms to fight the Republican North to keep Black people in chains. Over the decades since the Civil War the Democrat Party has been on the wrong side of every threat facing America. They forced us into World War I; enabled Communists to enter the White House during WWII and allowed them to infect every level of our government. Today, Democrats do everything they can to aid and support the Islamic terrorists who want to murder, rape and subjugate us.      

Q) What most appalled you about the Democrat Party?

A) The way Democrats never deviate from their “me first” attitude toward the “little people” they purport always to side with. They are con men who never stop lying and are constitutionally incapable of being shamed. When they are caught lying, stealing or selling America out, Democrats continue the charade and let their media lackeys clean things up for them.     
Q) You dug a little deeper than other authors regarding who started the party of FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and Obama-what did you find out?

A) Contrary to the popular lie; the Democrat Party was hatched in Tammany Hall by New York City thug politicians and the worst Vice President of the 19th century, Aaron Burr. Tammany Hall was the petri dish which grew the fungus that became the Democrat Party.  If I were a Democrat I’d say my Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, just as they do; because after all, not even the Democrats want to admit their Party was founded by such a low rent, immoral thug as Burr.     

Q) In your book you cite Democrats historically being involved with ballot stuffing plots; out of state voting; letting immigrants-not necessarily citizens vote; flop house trolling to find indigents willing to vote multiple times, etc. What exactly happened?

A) There are many, many stories of Democrat voter fraud but one of the best that comes to mind is the way the Democrats were caught trying to steal the presidency in 1876. They were discovered to be actively trying to buy Electoral College votes in South Carolina. It was the forerunner to the Democrats’ attempt to steal the 2000 election.  As is the case today, the guilty walked away almost entirely unpunished.  

Q) You are warning Trump that he better get organized to fight voter fraud-why?  Isn´t America´s voting system safe and aren't real cases of fraud rare?

A) The recent history of local elections is replete with verified instances of Democrats committing voter fraud.  This claim that voter fraud is rare is false. Let´s take East Chicago, Indiana where there was a “little” problem during the 2003 Democrat mayoral primary and election in which a mere 46 voter fraud related convictions were handed down-Imagine that in a city of just 29,000 people! It revolved around absentee ballots cast from vacant homes and lots and the blatant mishandling of ballots.  
My advice to Trump is to mobilize an army of volunteers willing to serve as guardians of the proceedings at polling places throughout the country. These volunteers must include thousands of attorneys and GOP staffers to maintain a vigilant eye and be proactive on election day. I am very pleased to see that Trump has done just this and called for an army of poll watchers across the country.

Q) Your book claims that the Democrat Party is a party of Bigots-The party of LBJ and the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Won´t Liberals cry foul?

A) Let them. The foulest mouth of any president in modern times was owned by Lyndon Johnson who was quick to call African Americans the N word both behind their back and to their face. Hillary takes no back seat in her verified language either. She frequently used that N word while in the White House and reached the bottom of her personal barrel when she called an employee a “F**&king Jew bastard.”  But that only scratches the surface. The much praised 1964 Civil rights Act was made necessary because Democrats, during the 19th and 20th century, enacted Jim Crow laws that overturned Republican supported legislation that was meant to protect freed slaves from unjust treatment. Let Democrats wear around their neck till the cows come home the fact that not ONE Democrat voted for the 14th Amendment that assured equal protection for former slaves. Kentucky´s Democrats didn’t get around to ratifying the 13th,14th and 15th amendments, which freed slaves, granted civil rights and the right to vote until 1976. The nerve of these Democrats!

Q) Which adjectives sum up Hillary Clinton?

A) She´s a thuggish, treasonous, thieving, scheming, criminally untrustworthy, (68% of America says so) and self-absorbed narcissist bent on total power. I could go on!     

Q) Regarding Clinton´s use of email and a private server and the FBI investigation you stated: “The biggest bombshell in Comey’s testimony was his acknowledgment that Clinton gave non-cleared people access to classified information.”  Why is this so important?

A) Like every Democrat president, Hillary Clinton is not interested in doing the work of administering the affairs of our country; she only wants the power and the money that the power can help her steal.

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