Thursday, August 25, 2016

ZIP: a new app provides quick, easy way to get idea of people’s feeling about many topics

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Like many people, when I read about a new app called ZIP, I was curious. The owner/inventor said that based on the daily 100,000 sample size his invention attracts, the app provides a fairly reliable snapshot of public sentiment on a variety of issues including politics. In fact he says based on what he sees, Donald Trump is on his way to victory.

Of course since the left doesn’t like the answers ZIP questions are producing, the inventor is being attacked. Welcome to our world.   

Here are some ZIP app answers to questions that will be surprising and infuriating to some people.

A society without a religion is better off. 13% say yes.

Who should make choices for you: the government or you? 86% say the individual.

Is fracking dangerous for our country? 71% say no.

88% believe government borrows more than 52% of what it spends.

Are you a Christian? 82% say yes.

The state of the current economy and employment is good.  7% say yes.

Do you believe the mainstream media covers all political news?  90% say no.

Do you believe in an afterlife? 81% say yes.

Were the Saudis involved in the 9/11 attack?  86% say yes.

Preferred color: RED or BLUE? 39% chose RED.

Cops or criminals 90% cops

White? 87% said they are White

Black Lives Matter legit? No, said 86%

Age? 18-40 44%; 40-80 56%; 72% said they were older than 30

Is Obama moving toward national police force? 72% said Yes

Do you Have/plan to get concealed Carry permit? 65% said Yes

Stance on Abortion? 52% against

Will Milwaukee riots by BLM change your vote in November? 71% said Yes

Will Clinton Cash have an effect on your vote? 84% say Yes    

Your child would be safer under Trump? 92% said Yes; 8% said No

The pledge of Allegiance should be said in schools? 92% said Yes

Are you Hispanic?  8% said Yes

Your children will be happier and better off than you in 20 years? 29% said Yes

Trump supporters only: Trump wants to be POTUS or destroy Republican Party? By 90/10, respondents said POTUS

Ever see or have knowledge of a cop acting in biased manner?  13% say Yes

Education: GED to college 70% 30% post grad

Did Hillary know father of Orlando shooter was in her crowd right behind her? 84% said yes

Anybody in your family earn $10,000 or more each year off the books? 10% say yes

Are there more racist Blacks or Whites? Blacks, say 91%

Respondents to the App were 33% female

Did you know Bill Clinton was impeached and Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation staff? 79% said yes

The real cause of “uncivil war” between Blacks and Whites?  67% say bad parenting; 33% say poverty

Are burqa-wearing Muslims rejecting American culture and refusing to assimilate? 73% said yes

Is the Holy Bible fiction?  77% said No

Which is best for children’s education? 95% say local control; 5% said government control

Do you know who Gary Johnson is? 45% said No

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